Bong squad is looking for members

Currently 20/30. We are all active, fun , we try to use all war flags , we have no rules restrictions or forces but do kick if 7 days inactive. If you miss a titan hit thats fine someone else will pick up the slack, only reason anyone misses wars or war flags is with some emergency or some thing happaned to prevent it. We have understanding. Currently capped at the last 9 star titan. We have no rules no restrictions real life takes presidence. Everyone plays becuse we know others are counting on us too. We just enjoy playing. We are not a military alliance and we are doing more than fine. However we woukd like to get some new players with us… 1800 trophies…

Bumping for the silly name. :+1:

Rofl… thanks much appreciated. .

Bump for “joining” you. image

Thank you very very much

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Why would this be flagged as inappioriate ???

Bump … looking for members… we have space for 4

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