Nordri vs high attk blues

Should i use my nordri on 3* / 4* star titans? Or better going with kiril .

Current team

Kiril Vela grimm triton sonya (700atkk with emblems,)

So my blue with less attk is kiril with 650 . I can use bear banner if going nordri

Nodri but be sure to keep him alive.

I would definetely use Nordri against low level titans.

I still use him against 12*s tbh. I just bring mana potions to charge him before he gets one-shotted, to take advantage of his debuff.


Nordri only if we use heavy items like Tornado, Mana Stop or Time Freeze, to make Titan not even attack our heroes once.
For 3*/4* Titan I think Nordri all the way like @DaveCozy and @angel_dust said.


I placed some emblems on nordri . He has now 512 of attack vs 650 of Kiril . The attack boost i can replace for bear banners.

So better ice def down than 100 attk stat average of kiril?

I just use axes, arrows, and mana potions when taking him against 11* titans. He frequently dies early, but elemental def down is worth it. I would bring him against any titan, can’t get worse than being one shotted anyway

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Definitely Nordri. I can keep my Nordri alive against 8* Titans… and a bear banner can substitute for Kiril, but there aren’t any items to substitute for Nordri’s elemental defense down.

Another vote for Nordri…I am using him on 10* titans. Since I’ve put him in there my score against red titans went up drastically.

Yes. I am using mine paired with Grimm on 10*/ 11* titans (20 emblems shields/hp) Mana first for def down.

He is not getting 1 shotted as often as you would imagine and my red titan scores are upper middle pack usually B, sometimes A tiers.

Have you actually tested to see if he improves your titan scores? Like does his -54% Ice Debuff count for more than a hero who has double or triple his attack stat?

I only have Wu Kong as my main titan basher so he usually comes with me in all teams except the blue one, where I just run mono blue. I subbed Nordi in instead of bringing Wu. Wu has no emblems and even with my lvl 8 Crit troop he gets one-shotted, so the difference in survival between him and Nordri is moot.

I got about the same results as I usually get with Wu (35k hits on average). But my hits also more consistently stay around the average rather than fluctuating greatly. Granted Wu fluctuating high is far better, but I just get angry when I miss a stun.

Team is Kiril, Nordri, Grimm, Magni, Thorne.

I have not actually tried mono-blue with a better higher rarity hero over Nordri though. And obviously I don’t have either Frida nor Arthur (who would easily replace Nordri otherwise)

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I would be interested in seeing:

  • Tile damage using mono blue WITH Nordri (with all buffs/ debuffs active)

  • Tile damage using mono blue WITHOUT Nordri (with all buffs/ debuffs active)

  • Tile damage using Blue team AND Nordri AND Wu Kong (with all buffs/ debuffs active * 0.667 to account for miss chance)

  • Tile damage using blue team AND Wu Kong WITHOUT Nordri (with all buffs/ debuffs active * 0.667 to account for miss)

He absolutely improved my scores against 10*/ 11* titans

I am another who frequently uses Nordri against 9-10 star titans! It’s a pain if he gets oneshot but worth it if you can keep him alive.

I will give that a try, time to put my money where my mouth is. I’ve got Nordri, Magni, Grimm, Kiril, Sonya, Triton and Wu/Ranvir to experiment with. I’ll post some screenshots from our next red titan.

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