Blue LB (asking for a friend)

  • Richard (no costume)
  • Magni (no costume)
  • Frida
  • Iris
  • Crystalis

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My friend wants to spend his aethers. Little help? Choose 2 heroes.

I only chose one (Frida) because she’s the only one worth it in this list.

Agreed. LB her and save the remaining aethers.

Frida is a great choice, but depends on the roster and if you need Titan help. Crystalis is probably more versatile after all her buffs, so she is a worth candidate too.

I would LB Frida and whichever second hero is currently used the (second) most.

From those Freda gets my vote.
Magni if you get his costume
Whichever hero you choose good luck

If they only use frida on titans… I say hold off .

Oooh Frida. Iris looks good too! :blue_heart:

I´ve no experience with Crystalis at all - only back from those heroes were super underwhelming. Time to do some diggin´.

good evening everyone, I would give the lb to frida, reading her card is a hero who deserves, from -54% elemental defense to the opponent, does 290% damage on 3 opponents, removes beneficial spells from 3 opponents, in more connection element + 46% defense from nature, most of all what you want more from en hero, very good against the titan, I think it is the best of the above list (I would love to have it)

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