BLOOD AND BONES has openings!

We’ve won our last 3 wars - see if you can help us win more.

Bump! We still have openings. :sunglasses:

Come on over to the party! Check out Blood and Bones!

Join us before the next war starts.

Bumpity bump bump bump

is discord or line compulsory?

Hey @SocialPariah - at this point, Discord is not required. We would like everyone to use it, however, not everyone is on it. But it is a great way to share information and ideas, without getting lost in the chat feature. You are more than welcome to check us out. You’ve got quite the arsenal!

Come join us! Good group to grow with.

Yoooohoooo! Over here! Check out our alliance!

Still taking new members. Check us out.

BUMP! Still active as ever and 5 spots now open!

Wanted to add we are currently taking on 8 and 9* titans, chat and members are very active and we have won the majority of our wars. Just a good group of helpful players! Titan hits required and a simple opt out if you can’t be around to use all of your flags on wars. I came aboard a few months ago and love the activity over here, so come on over and have some fun :slight_smile:

Have to stay on it, so BUMP! 5 spots looking to be filled. Always lots of good choices over here to pick from, so keep us in mind for sure! Again, we are very active and discord in place as well. Come knock out some Titans and win some wars with us!

Bump! We still have openings! Come check us out.

Hey hey! We have 4 spots open and active as ever. If you’re looking for a great chatty group of people, come check us out. We have lowered the trophy requirement for our last spots, so feel free to come and grow with us! We are currently on 8 and 9 star titans and should be pushing that barrier up soon! As always, all we ask is for drama free people, daily titan hits are required and to opt out of wars if not available to participate. We’re not die hards over here. Just a good group of people looking the advance and have fun together :smile:

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I’ve been part of a few alliances - and I can definitely say Blood and Bones has really added a new dimension to the game for me… It’s a friendly group that takes the game seriously - without drama… We’ve got a great mix of experienced and new players. Discord chat is optional - offering a great resource for tips and chat. No invite required - just search for our name and check us out…

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I’ve been in this alliance for a while and its great. We are killing 8/9* titans, chat a lot, and have a lot of fun. We require you use all of your war flags or opt out, but either choice is fine. We are mostly advanced players, but we like teaching new players too.

Currently there is just 1 opening!

Bumpity bump! Just a reminder, active players, active chat, helpful tips and fun humor tossed in the middle of it all. We love to keep advancing but we are not die hards. Simply do your best and no one to judge you. Come check us out!