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3 months in over here myself and it changed the game exeriencefor me drastically. Great helpful and active group and that fun added bonus of no drama :slight_smile: Come check us out!


Happy New Year! Still looking to fill some spots to take on titans and fight some wars! We’re also always here for advice and tactics in game and on discord.

I’ve been a part of Blood and Bones for a few months now - and it’s great… A friendly group of people who are serious about the game - but not intimidating psychos about it :grin: Everyone is expected to hit the Titan and use all of their war flags - but we don’t kick committed players when they can’t login on a given day because real life gets in the way… By the same token, we will kick freeloaders who repeatedly let the team down without explanation - because that’s just not fair to the rest of us. And if you have questions about the game or need advice - we have experienced players who are ready to help you out. Try us out…

We still have openings! :sunglasses:

5 spots left. Come on over before the next war starts and knock down some titans with us at the same time!

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Still looking for a few serious titan killers.

Psssst! Still 5 spots waiting. What are you waiting for :wink:

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Just a few samples of our latest Titan kills… Come check out an alliance that takes the game seriously - while still remaining fun, friendly and supportive.
No special invite needed - just search for “Blood and Bones”.

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Titan killers and war participants still wanted for active alliance. 8 and 9* titans.

Outgrowing your old alliance? Tired of losing titans and wars because of inactive players? If so, join us!