Item/Ingrediant Mining


Do you ever play an old level over and over to get specific ingrediants?

Or go out of your way to do specific quests for items?


I play province 8 a lot. 8-7 for backpacks (mainly). 8-(1,2,3) for the leaves used for hp pots, and the crystals for those too. That’s it for now. I make a lot of hero’s (common/uncommon), and hp pots. whoop. p/r -Rax-


I’m currently looking for a good place to farm crypt mushrooms for making bear banners.

Anyone know any good spots?


I basicly live in 12-6. Provides all the Tall Boots, Battle Manuals, Chainmail Shirts and troops I need. Untill rare quests appear, then I bang head against wall :slight_smile:


Of course I farm. How else do you get the stuff to train heroes so you can level?


I recently had to do a dark mob chest and went to province 3 lvl 4, I found a crpty mushroom everytime I completed the level. I don’t yet know of a higher level where upon you’ll get multiple shrooms each time. But eh.


I take it your not from America, or the UK, or probably not any other major place like NZ, AU, Ger, etc etc. So let me break it down player. Farming isn’t just playing the game. It’s working on a specific level for a while. Now to break down what you said a little.

As I said, you can just do story mode, play the game, and level. And get stuff for your heros. To level yourself you need exp. Not ingrediants. Not even Iron or Food. So Technically, My brother who I do not dislike even a little, you do not get stuff to level. And if you try to clean this up and say, “Yo homie what gives dude, that was out of context.” I’d say, "man you said,“train heros even, and that is totally different from leveling them or yourself.” shakes my head Your too much bro.


Ok Ataraxia;

I am going to assume you are trying to be both funny and rude at the same time. So I will speak real slow so you can follow me. First, I am from the US, I am unsure why you felt the need to start your post that way.

Next, Farming is what I do, I play the same five or six missions that drop the items I need to level my heroes or to make the consumables I need such as the mushrooms or the lumber. And no, just playing does not get you enough stuff really. Call it farming or mining or grinding it is all the same thing, building up the key resources so you can level.

Hope that helps you get the point. If not, then I really can’t see the need to discuss this any further.