Where to use gems?

I soon have 500 gems, should I summon heroes or save them for something else? I am f2p so won’t be getting them too fast.

Use them to buy yourself back in on tournaments or to finish events for the loot or speed up the loot chests. 500 gems is only one good summon, so that would be probably disappointing.

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I’d wait for costume chamber, you have a guarantee to pull an improvement to your roster, even if that’s just another 3 star hero.

Else you’d have to be very, very lucky to pull a legendary hero. And if you are very lucky, all of them offer something good. There’s Telluria featured on Atlantis, Finley on upcoming monthly event, Valhalla summons etc. But you know, if you only have 1 shot, that’s probably only going to be a Dawa. So be it Dawa costume at least.


Spending gems in increasing your hero cap is the best investment to start with. Depending on where you’re at now, I’d probably summon once (yesterday in Valhalla would have been the best though) and use the rest in the hero cap.

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I’d agree with this, and there are new costumes next month

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