Best defense and why

I was thinking of using 1 of these alternatives…

Both are insanely good, but option 1 w/ Frigg + Odin and 3 ninjas is what I would fear more.


or if I can be so bold - reverse formation with
frigg - bera - cobolt - onyx - odin

But since this is just for raid defense change it to all Danzaburos so I can fill my raid chests easier. :smiley:


Oh and the WHY part…

I fill my raid chest twice daily normally - that’s a struggle now, and it’s all because of Reverse formation. It’s just better.

I like double and r-double in theory, but giving attackers hit-3 a hit-all target isn’t great.

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Reverse V formation. Garnet-Frigg-Cobalt-Odin-Onyx

You definitely don’t want Odin or Frigg to die too soon.

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You might not want them to die, but you want them to fire as fast as possible for the defense / mana down.
Raid defense teams arent about trying to make a fight long, its about punishing your enemy as fast as possible. Unless you are building a Crampus build they tend to work with prolonging fights.

Therefor I would stick with running Frigg/Odin the way he has posted

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Garnet, Onyx and Cobalt are common (in geology terms). Frigg Odin…

Vote #1 for my useless post.


Thanks everybody for the feedback :relieved:

Put Garnet on the right wing.
Frigg- Cobalt- Onyx- Odin- Garnet

Because defensive timing
And stronger element pairing for wings

Without taunt any double defense is made of paper, and gets shredded by hit-3’s

With taunt any double defense is still inferior to reverse

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