Best flanks with Aegir as a tank?

I was just curious on your opinion of what would be the best flank for Aegir as a tank? Right now I am actually using Black Knight as a flank, who is an amazing rank in his own right. Anyway that formation seems to be doing very well. Just curious if there were better suited flanks that I’m not thinking of??? Any thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated!!!

Gravemaker is the best flank in the game just period but he suits Aegir tanks really well in particular because people want to bring green to attack Aegir tank. I like to attack Aegir tanks but I will actually just reroll if Gravemaker is sitting next to him.


If you didn’t have Gravemaker, Zimkitha would also be a good flank for this reason as well.

Although what you sounds like a reap pain, I agree grave maker is a great option but most of us are not the lucky. I was thinking +20BT on one side and a purple or yellow on the other.

Ive seen Azlar be a pain in that position. He is about to fire if one to can bring 3 green debuffers and does if the board is not perfect

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It all depends on your roster really… There isn’t any point in saying XYZ is the best flank if you don’t have them :stuck_out_tongue:

BK & Aegir aren’t a great combo at the front as both are quite passive… They will win but not necessarily the most fights.

Personally I would suggest Tanking Black Knight not Aegir. I find BK more problematic to defeat (especially with double digit emblems) compared to Aegir.

But to answer your question, the best flanks for Aegir are Fast/Very Fast Snipers. Heroes who can pack a punch while being shielded by Aegir’s damage share. Ideally not blue ones tho :stuck_out_tongue:


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