Help Needed to choose which is the best hero/hero set out of the challenge events

As they introduced new heroes , need to know which is the best nee Hero so far in challenge event and which event has good group of event heroes ? Please tell . Thanks

Overall best honestly is Guardians of Teltoc because they have 3 heroes that do elemental defense down. G. Jackal does holy defense down, G. Panther does dark defense down, and G. Falcon does fire defense down. They are invaluable for titans.


+1 on guardians.

Next my vote would be for Fables which has 3x mana controllers which are all attainable (Hansel, Gretel and Pixie)

After that probably Avalon - Bauchen is a monster 3*, Merlin is another mana controller and Lancelot is OK. Plus there’s Guin who’s arguably the best tank in the game.

Then probably Wonderland and Pirates (similar level or goodness) The 5* are a better in fables but the 4* are pretty comparable between the two.

Friends now what’s your choice about which is good hero and which challenge event summon is good ,

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