Best defence ideas/ possible future track to take

was wondering if any of the more enlightened members than myself could help me out with a good war/raid defence would be an also who I should invest in for a possibly future defence

this is my current defense

Judging by the number of heroes you are still very new to this game. So i would focus on your 4*’s. Proteus (for mana control), sonya and scarlett for direct damage, and melendor for healing.


Also, not always a popular suggestion, I would recommend building a 3* rainbow team, probably brienne, bane, Azar, Valen, and any other dark 3* you get over renfeld. That would give you a solid base to complete levels, win some raids, and eventually complete epic level events.

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I am relatively new but have been feeding basically everything I get to my 4/5* before finding this forum an realising that depth is crucial to be able to get anywhere worth being…
I’m glad you say that because pro Sonya an Scarlett have been my Ol’ faithfuls for a while now an have only just decided to invest in melendor

Definitely: Put the five stars down.

You’ve got 4* hero’s at 3.60 - why are they not ascended?
Do you have the mats to do it?

If yes… then I’d finish off a 4* team first.
If no… Get a 3* rainbow team done, and possibly a second.


it’s funny you say that only last night did I decide to craft myself a 3* team, wasn’t exactly sold on renfeld probably will sacrifice him when the time comes…I’m typically a fan of rainbow teams myself

yeah only last night did I come to the same conclusion with the 5s, and no I do not have the mats to finish my 4* yet :sob:

the 3* team is looking like the best option for the moment at least I’ve got a good 4/5* base to build off when the time comes

A maxed rare is slightly better than a .60 epic and a maxed epic slightly better than a .70 legend. Feeding and embleming lower tiers are way cheaper and less frustrating.

Build up a deep bench with about 30 heroes of all tiers except 1* and 2*. Your progress will let you feed higher tiered heroes faster later in the game.


Bingo! And it’s a damned fine base of 4/5 when it’s time - you’ve got some real MVP cards there.

Starting a 3* rainbow I’d go:

  • Bane (you’ll probably snag his costume at some point, which will boost him further, he’s already one of the best 3*).
  • Gunnar - likewise you’ll probably land the costume at some point and he’s great for 3* raid tournaments (at tank) and helps with durability in challenge events.
  • Brienne - put her together with Gunnar and you can get a highly boosted attack across your whole team. And she’s mustard on events.

Azar and Renfeld are the only choices so go for them… They’re okay and they’ll get you going.

TBH, 3* probably won’t hold quite as well as 4* 3.60 on defence BUT you’ll be able to use them in more raid tournaments and events, plus padding out your war and titan teams - all of this will help you GET more mats to start ascending 4*, which in turn can then get you towards some mats for 5*.

It’s all about getting a working base to start opening chests regularly and get those mats!


I’ve read that so many times in the past 24 hours I wish I had found this forum sooner!


Better late than never!


thanks I’m glad I have some idea haha, and note taken I have set up a 3* bench imma get accustomed too an will keep my eyes peeled for a quality red an purple to put the finishing touches on my first solid 3* layout…greatly appreciated advice! your a bunch of madd C*unts on this forum if I do say so myself

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