Creating Defense Team

Hi all,

I’ve been playing on and off for a few years as a F2P whenever I find spare time to do some campaign missions and events, I’ve not really interacted with a lot of the game (clans, titans, raids).

I decided today that I want to dive into all the game has to offer and would like some help and opinions on a good starting point for a raid defense team.

Below are all my five and four-star heroes. Who are good, trash, and should be fed away? Thanks for all your help in advance.


Firstly, welcome to the forum.

You’ve collected some great heros - congrats. I’d conserve your Ascension materials and not bother taking any more S1 5* heros beyond 3.70 if you don’t have their costume/s. They just don’t pack the punch the use to… I see you have CDomitia though, who could make your defense team once maxed.

You could try
Elk, Gravy, Pengi, Celidana, Sartana :thinking:

You can never have enough healers, so good to see lots of 4* healers - which comes in handy during W3K, tower events etc.

@RandaPanduh gives much better advice than me. GL in your E&P journey.


Thank you for the welcome and reply :smiley:

I agree with you on the classic legendaries, without costumes they are pretty lackluster.

I will give your team suggestion a try, I almost have Domitia maxed and I’m on the final 2 levels. Should I swap her in for Sartana?

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From the 5* I would only work on Tahir and cDom

You also have 10 5* that can go into next SE if they offer a hero that fits your needs.

For the 4*
Azmia could use the emblems if you have some for her
Sonya makes a good use of the embelms especially that you have her costume
Chao is a mana controller and you have his costume so he deserves the embelms and LB.
I dont think there is a need for a duplicate Wilbur (but you can take more opinions here)
Gretel is another mana controller and she is quite good after embelms and LB.
Gobbler as your minion destroyer option he could need a push in stats in order to fire at least twice :muscle:
Duplicate 4* healers are okay, they will be helpful in W3K as mentioned by @Sarah2


I would definitely swap the two. GL

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Double Wilbur could get useful in challenge event. Att up and spirit link works wonders

But I just realized he does not have costume


He is always on my red mono team for titans and gets use in events to normalize the high slashes but other than I don’t find a lot of use for him…
In wars, I stopped using him now that I have several hit 3 heroes… unless I take a dispeller and remove the shared damage from the enemies…

I get your point on the double Wilbur with costume though! That would be annoying!

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Thank you for the replies, everyone!

I’ve now maxed Domitia and her costume and assembled the team @Sarah2 suggested.

Azmia is somebody I want to give emblems to but I’m fresh out of monk, I will also look to limit break and emblem those suggested by @TTT.

Lastly, I love Wilbur and he’s been one of my favorites since I pulled him, unfortunately, I’m not very lucky in the costumes department :laughing:


Wilbur is great… Even without the costume. You can’t say that about most 4* heros these days. I don’t have his costume but he’s still there when I’m hitting 14* titans.

Please post an update as to how your defense team is holding up. GL