Best choice for defense team... please help :(

I have the materials to ascend another five star of any color. Who should I use them on and why. The first 4 hero’s I was planning on having on my main team. But open for suggestions. image image

And by first four hero’s I was staring with Athena. It out the pictures on the wrong way

@Kerridoc… I know I can count on you pal :slight_smile:

Fast and the only Hero with dark def-down for titan hunting.
Pretty useful in raids with regards to the dispel
A must!

Same arguments as Panther, instead she is average speed and blue def-down.

Same arguments as Panther, instead she do green def-down.

Her mana steel is amazing, sometimes I win raids an wars with her which are already lost if she wouldn’t be in my team! Getting rid of colored tiles which do not fill the mana of your heros and hitting the enemy is the worst thing you can do if your team is not set up with 5 colors. But with her you benefit with her skill and screw the opponent in parallel

Fast and dispels negativ buffs.
Powerful and stays in almost every team in the top 100

Bay the way, you can edit your post while clicking on the pen. There is no need to answer your own post :wink:

In the second step I would go for Ariel Elkalen, Sartana, Poseidon and Richard

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Trust me there all on my top list for that exact reason. But if you had to pick five for overall performance. But also as my main defense team. Which five do I go with. Please pick for the hero’s themselves and don’t pay attention to levels.

I wanted to max Zim because I think I can get a lot of use out of her. But I plan on keeping Kunchen and he dispels and heals along with lowers the defense of all enemies. So I figure it would be stupid to leave him back home… I just seen the edit the post thing hahaha thank you for that. I used it on this one lol

Just si

There is no “overall performance” in my opinion.
Every Hero and team setup can be beaten and works for its own and must be seen in the use (pvp/farming/Titan) and position and in relation to other Heros in the team. And you have to consider you own play-style as well.

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Ok well I plan on keeping Athena, mother north, Kunchen, and joon… I just need my fifth. The original plan was Marjana. But I wanted to see if someone thought of something better. All together as a full team or just filling the last spot with a red.

My vote is Zimkitha instead of Marjana, cleanse and buff with damage, if defense is down from Kunchen or Athena, which is likely, the damage is nasty too

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I was thinking about that also… just didn’t know what to do for sure, since Kunchen does that. But at least hers is fast mana. I just wanted to make the toughest defense team I could with what I have. And needed some ideas… thank you.

I think Mother North / Richard / Kunchen / Poseidon / Zimkitha would be quite effective. I’m not a fan of the -element heroes on defense; the odds of that valuable skill being really useful are too low.


Hmmmm Richard… I wasn’t expecting that one. So drop Athena. Originally I was gonna drop her and try and put Ariel in and then fill in the spaces. But interesting. May I ask why you went with him. I heard in the past he wasn’t anything special. I know they did change around some hero’s… I just started on Poseidon, but if he is a lot better then joon. I will def make that swap. I am trying to bring onatel up also. So drop Athena and Joon and bring in Zim as my red… got it. Thanks pal.

I would probably use Mom, Athena, Lunch, Poseidon/Oatmeal, and Marjana. Zim-kitty is nice, but her damage is minor and you already have a cleanse.

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So is the king of the sea really that much better then joon ? I know how much of a pain Onatel can be, so I thought about her and it’s so hard to pick. That’s why I was hoping for some help from the expirenced players. I just want to have the best defense team I can have. I have come along way since I started. But still learning… so thank you guys for the input.

The mermaid princess?

Ariel… yes I was thinking about putting her with mother north. Is that what your asking? I know I have lots of options. I just didn’t know what would be the hardest team to beat. With the hero’s I have… the level doesn’t matter, I just want to have a good to work on. I’m able to fully max out another 5*… just don’t know who

Just do Ariel. She will work well with any team.

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Joon is much better on offense than on defense. He has no team synergy, so his attack placement is extra important. Unfortunately the AI is likely to play him poorly, so that critical kill or blind will go astray. Poseidon might miss the kill, but at least his allies will be shielded from the -mana effects that are increasingly popular.

I put Richard in next to Kunchen because I don’t want two -defense heroes in the stack; the combination of -defense from Kunchen and -attack from Richard will be very effective.


Hmmm I never thought of it like that. As always thank you for the great advice… speaking of -defense stack. During a titan battle is it bad to take hero’s tat lower regular defense and ones that lower defense of only one color? I have been doing this but didn’t really know if it can fight against each other. I just broke my high titan record 68k and now am just under 71k. Which I’m more then happy with, but would love to keep on climbing. @Kerridoc

Not only is this not bad, it’s optimal. The generic -defense and elemental -defense are cumulative (multiplicatively), and so is a key to huge titan hits. These combos are ideal:

  • Panther + Tibertus
  • Jackal + (someone)
  • Arthur (or Frida) + Athena (or Grimm)
  • Evelyn + Buddy
  • Falcon + Wilbur (or Gormek)

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