Advanced titan team

Red 9* Volcanic Dragon. What would you go in with?

My gut is Kiril, Triton, Frida, Grimm, and Wilbur. I flip back and forth about Wu Wilbur, and Frida. With all those blues it’s feast or famine.

Kiril 4.70/9
Triton 4.70/1
Grimm 4.70
Frida 3.70
Boril 3.60

Wu 4.70/4
Wilbur 4.70/4
Proteus 4.70/1
Rigard 4.70/9

Thanks for any input!

Kiril, Grimm, Frida, Triton, Wu Kong

minor healing potions
minor antidote
axe attack
turtle banner


I usually face 10* and 11* red titans and my team is Wu, Wilbur, Frida, Kiril and Grimm.

I agree. Using Grimm, Frida and kiril makes wilbur redundant. Wu kong offers more to the team.

Nailed it. Close thread.

I guess it depends on what type of titans you face. It’s hard to keep 4* heroes alive against tougher titans so Wilbur helps with survival.

Why turtle over arrows? I normally don’t bring healing…I bring mana to charge Wu or Wilbur.

Due to material’s availability :slight_smile:

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