Bera or Clarissa who gets the mats?

I don’t have freya (yet) but I’ve been more intrigued and excited about Bera since I got her.

Who should get the mats?

Don’t have emblems for Bera bc Santa has em. For Clarissa I don’t have a DOT hero and I have paladins ties up only by Gunnar who I’ll strip.

That said I like the meat shield and I don’t have someone that does that for me either and the constant moth bites plus poison DOT has been fun!

In a vacuum I think Bera is more powerful, frankly I can’t believe they’ve released her in her current form, she seems OP to me. That being said I don’t have her and haven’t played against her yet, so I could be wrong

I have Clarissa at 4/80 and use her in my mono purple - her element link especially when combined with Khiona’s makes them tough to kill. So I really like her too, and the Paladin emblem situation you describe helps make her case

I don’t think either is wrong, but if you have a level 11+ mana troop I’d probably say do Clarissa first, six tile charging is awesome. But Bera seems very good to me too. Be happy it’s a hard decision I guess!


In my honest opinion, I would go with Clarissa if you have the emblems for her to get to say +9.
She is good and she is versatile
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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I badly wanted Bera but my meagre tenpull wasn’t enough (got Loki so can’t really complain at all!)

Honestly, I can’t see why you’d want to keep emblems on Santa if you maxed Bera… Maybe that’s just me?

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Interesting point. I have been enjoying Bera a LOT!! her constant moth bites or stings have been MONEY. I think you’re right, I might just strip Santa =)

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Something for you to mull over:

Regardless of which hero you choose, the class skill applies. So… forget about that skill for a moment.

Emblems also increase health/defense/attack in varying degrees based on path.

So… if a hero’s skill does no actual damage, then it makes less sense to choose the attack path.

Tanks benefit from health/def path. And if your war and raid tank are the same…then how many more tanks do you need? I say 0 more… since there is no such thing as a tank on offense.

Utility heroes also benefit from health/def path. And I would consider Bera a utility hero.
However…I view summoners differently:

Here is my 3.7 Bera:

Currently my moths have 230 HP.
And if I spend the resources, tabard, d.blade and tome. For this:

Then the moths will have 273 HP
(they don’t round up…:man_shrugging:t2:). The rest of your skill remains exactly the same!

Then some will argue, “but Bera has more health also and this helps her to survive.” And that’s true! But…
I still don’t find the combination of a moth with 43 more HP and Bera’s increase of stats to be so valuable as to overlook other heroes.
Especially…when a summoner has increased survival anyway through use of the skill.

I have my tank, and for designating emblems further
I tend to lean towards damaging heroes for a more meaningful gain. And Clarissa will most certainly provide that!! Santa?.. he seems slow to me but.
I just have a hard time seeing Bera tank… should I run across it, I have plenty of non summoners, and yellow damage to take

But ultimately, if you enjoy playing her…well then!
No better reason than enjoyment for investment, eh?

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My tank right now is either Santa or alfrike. I have sif but don’t have the mats for her but right now in raids I have sif tank and Bera and alfrike flank and the mana boost has helped. My current raid offense TP is 3900 w an unascended sif, Bera at 3/33 alfrike an ascended lady Loki and a fully maxed rigard normal.
Surprisingly at 3900 this team can challenge 4200-4300 ish defense teams w status ailment heroes.

I see that Bera fully ascended doesn’t increase skill. The only thing I do see is her damage increasing to 180. I wonder if emblems will increase that which it should if her attack increases. It’s actually been fun just watching her Moths do damage w the poison being the final kick. Sometimes I even withhold my other specials and ghost a tile just to see the moths do their work!

If you are able to keep firing and or keep her moths alive, Bera DOT will continue endlessly! I just tried this out on a farm and her moth kept
Inflicting damage well past 3 turns and I think it’s bc the card says each hit from the moth. So keep the moth alive and make new ones fast and you’ll have DOT for a long long time. That’s pretty cool!

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