Hel vs JF for emblems

Hi,i have a question about emblems.i have hel at 14 and my def team is: misandra,marjana,telluria,vela,seshat.Is it wise to rip emblems from hel and give it to jf and replace marjana with him in def or to keep the emblems in hel.My gut instict sais to leave it as it is but i wanted more opinions.ty

Even though I was against JF for a long time, I am finding he actually works in defense due to increased damage.

To answer your question, I would keep my emblems on Hel, because she is amazing, and keep your defense like that. If you start facing Green tanks in war, definitely switch to JF though.


Yeah i was thinking the same thing or give some emblems ro jf just to ooen his talents.thank u very much

I am not sure if the Wizard special works with JF’s Damage over Time.

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It doesn’t. Only for direct damage.

And personally I’d keep them on Hel. Even if JF would’ve been released with his beta 1.0 damage I would still recommend Hel for her mana block – she may be a 3 year old hero but no 5* does what she does (closest other one is Onatel).

If you do eventually focus them on JF, I’d actually recommend going defensive with him – casting more times with decent burn is better for damage in the long run than casting fewer times with slightly stronger burn.


Imo Hel because she has mana block. Only her and Lord Fishface has that. Solely on uniqueness alone she should have the emblems over JF.

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Mana block is the best SS in the game (imo)

Not worth transferring emblems just to create a better synergy defensively - at least, not unless defense is your main priority.


See: Voidstrike’s ToS of his reply

I concur with the majority Hel.

Only advice I would have for your defense is to switch the positioning of your heroes:
Seshat - Vela - Telluria - Marjana - Misandra

That way Seshat’s dispel would fire off first

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Thanks very very much everyone.I ll keep my emblems to Hel.And position switch done.seshat first🤟

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