Beginner need help with heroes


I’m a beginner but I was very lucky about the number of 4* and 5* heroes (for a begginer) but I’m afraid to make bad choices with my heroes.

Which heroes do you think is best to feed, and what is the best comp can I do?

Thank you in advance for your advices

  1. Get Peters at 3.60
  2. Kailani is a must for completing rare quests
  3. Belith is better than non-costumed Hawkmoon
  4. 2* should be eaten, if you have many 3*. What is the point of having Needler, if you have Berden?

Thank you for the advices

For the 4., I have up needler during the first week when I had not 3* :slight_smile:

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Also, Tyrum is way better than Prisca)

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I like to get the most out of my feeders so do same color feeding and would level:


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Some general advice for you:

Similarly focus on the 3* heroes

Same as 4* vs. 5* heroes I would advise you get a couple 3* heroes maxed out before working too much on 4* ones…

Not as many but definitely would advise getting 2 maxed in each colour.

Thank you for all the advice !

I thought the combo Grimm/Thorne was pretty strong, is it better to leave Thorne anyways to take some heals?

Thorne for now is not having any value for you on this level, I think, it is better to focus on Grimm or Nordri (if you have) first.

you must list all your roster, so others can give more choice.

for me Grimm and peters your first focus to level it.

belith, caedmon next. and 5* leave it. focus on 3 and 4* like @Guvnor said

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As a beginner, it’s really tempting to run away with this game and start levelling multiple 4* and 5* heroes … but you soon run out of mats.
My advice would be to treat this game more like a marathon run than a 100 meters sprint race.
The best advice I can give would be for you to level 3 x 3* rainbow teams and then move onto 3 x 4* rainbow teams.
They will get you the mats to enable you to max out 5* heroes
I can’t see your full roster, so can’t give any specific advice on heroes that you currently have.
But please also consider joining a training alliance - the leader, co-leader and elders will be able to provide lots of support and guidance
Good luck

I 100% agree on this.

As for number 4

The ones you have leveled keep them, unless you spend money you wont fill your hero capacity with good options. So Keep any 1/2* leveled hero and use them in wars, even if you are getting 5-10 points in a war, the fact you can use 6 flags goes a long way in being appreciated by your alliance.

One last thing, Never-Ever waste time or resources on Stonecleave. Leave him at 1/1 and use him for wars as a luxury 1*hero.

Agree with this, but only if you do not have many (>30) unleveled 3*-4*
For me unleveled 3*=leveled 2*.

Your logic is not wrong, I would like to further explain my train thought: Warning I’m going off on tangent.

When you are a new player and you are still working on leveling up your main team, many ppl will use non stop their 1/2* as feeders (leveled or not) and keep very few 3* if any, and use them for leveling up their main team. They tunnel their efforts into “maxing” their main, understandably wanting to make faster progress in their Pve/Quests.

But, truth be told, keeping leveled 1/2* and all 3* (even non leveled) wont slow you down that much, as far as leveling your big 5 team goes. Now, hoarding this heroes will slow you down a bit, but give you a lot of resources for war.
As for war, the whole idea is to not drop there 5 random non leveled heroes but to drop in 5 color stack FAST heroes (so the more options you have the better), your whole objective is to bust low level team tanks or to hunt down teams that have stacked 2, 3+ a color. You may get lucky and kill it, but chances are you will get stomped in 5/6 turns BUT with a x5 color stack even 3 tiles in 5 turns is A LOT of dmg and if you manage to charge 1 fast ult you get an extra benefit (not a lot of extra dmg but better than going in with average+ ults that most likely very rarely will be used in a 5/6 turn fight).

I’m not saying to keep 1/2* non leveled heroes every time, just to do it the day before a War stars and eat them once you have use them with your flags. As for any 1/2* leveled hero, keep them even if they may be worst than a non leveled 3* they can still come in handy (marginally but still the slowing in progress you do by not eating them is not that big of a deal, imho).

Agree with you, if you speak about wars. But month ago, when I do not have so many heroes, I just produce heroes in TC2 during war and use them in mono then.

And novice should keep all 3*, even dupe Oberons and Priscas. But for 2*, even leveled, it is questionable.

I would eat them if my space was starting to catch up. But that shouldn’t happend to newer players that are FTP. If OP is CTP then he will most likely benefit more by freeing space for his 3/4’s.

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