Gnomes Gone Wild or Rabid is now Open for bussiness! (We are branching out!)

Hi All,

We are now branching out! advertising for all wanna be Gnomes!

Our theme: Laid back but competitive guild whose interested is progressing through the content together. Hoping to get like minded players with a sense of humor! We are an international alliance so youre bound to bump in to someone at any time of the day.

Please check the alliances listed below to see if which one fits your trophy count

[Gnomes Gone Wild] - Hitting 6* Titans, Mid-Tier guild. Currently at 21/30 players. Required trophy is 1000

[Gnomes Gone Rabid] - Hitting 4* Titans, Low-Tier guild but progressing steadily. Currently at 25/30 players. Required trophy is 400

P.S. The names alone suggests that we are fun loving. Please check us out. You can also add me on line app as Sardhalud. We can chat there.

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Hi again,I’m busy now, will be back around 4-5 hours and open alliance for you to talk! See ya then! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey van might not be on in 4-5 hours. Just tell your discord expert to invite me so we can talk there freely :slight_smile: My name is Fenriswolfe or #5992 is my discord ID. Cheers!

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Already did that, we will meet then! :slightly_smiling_face: for explanation, I never had a cell phone but got myiPad from work, no clue about technic, but love for the game and mechanics! :smile:

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CandyVan is 19/30 members . We are a lot stronger than @Sardukar but can do a merger if anyone wants

That’s what dann told me :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, I can not decide on my own, but will talk to my teammates! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi just
We too are looking to merge with another alliance like ourselves, which it seems you are.
We are mostly US based but have some players in other countries.
We do not communicate outside of here. Some players not comfortable with it.
We are an alliance that puts things to a vote and divides responsibility. We all offer help and tips.
We are looking to grow but want to have fun along the way.
We are Soul Leechers Check us out.


The discord link has been inactive for almost 2 days now :thinking:

Let me know if u still wanna talk okies :hugs:

Bumping up! 6 more spots left! :slight_smile:

Bumping up! 1 slot left :slight_smile:

Bumping up! Lost an inactive one hoping to get an active player!

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