Backlog of heroes waiting for the same ascension materials

I just completed the epic level Riddles of Wonderland just to get the loot it offered. I have a list of heroes waiting for the fine gloves and compass I just received. Now to decide who gets them. I know many of these heroes won’t get past their current level of ascension, but who does?

Candidates for gloves and compass.

Thorne 2/60
Domitia 2/60

Sir Lancelot 3/60
Gormek 3/60
Cyprian 3/60
Tiburtus 3/60
Wu Kong 3/60
Chao 3/60
Hu Tao 3/60
Boril 3/60
Melendor 3/60
Kelile 3/60
Colen 3/60

The rest of my roster

Sabina 4/70-3
Tiburtus 4/70-3
Proteus 4/70-4
Rigard 4/58

Wu Kong 4/70-6
Gretel 4/70-1
Inari 3/70

Grimm 4/70-5
Sonya 4/70-6
Kiril 4/70-3

Lianna 3/70
Skittleskull 4/70-7
Gadeirus 4/70-5
Little John 4/70-2

Boldtusk 4/70-8
Kelile 4/70-5

Wow. You’ve got some great options there. No wonder you are looking for help! With that many good options, I’d eliminate anyone you already have leveled (Kelile, Wu Kong, Tiburtus). You definitely have enough maxed four stars to be thinking about leveling a five star like Domitia, but it kinda depends on where you are with the materials for their next ascension (tabards, etc.).

Without knowing your in-game priorities, my choice would be Melendor. High tile damage, gives you a healer who heals a lot in a color other than purple, and another dispeller to boot. I use him every day. I’m sure there are defensible cases for others, but that would be my choice.


Thanks Noble. I was leaning towards leveling Domitia, just to give me another chance at a final ascension for a 5* (Lianna needs one more tonic). Looking at what’s needed for Domitia’s final ascension, all I need are two more tabards.

Since I have fully leveled Sabina, Boldtusk, Kiril and nearly finished Rigard, I wasn’t looking at Melendor as much, but I guess you can’t have too many healers.

My in game priorities are building bench depth for wars and color stacking.

Since we just had Morlovia, you’re looking at something close to 140 days to get those tabards from rare quests, which is the only place I ever count on getting them. In that time, you’re very likely to snag another set of gloves and compass. BTW, you could get another set by finishing the legendary tier in Wonderland, I think. With Proteus, it should be doable.

Melendor can actually help with both of those. If you need six war teams, I think ideally you would like to have at least one healer per team. Right now, you have 4 (which is more than I have, btw!) Melendor would give you another one. And for color stacking, you obviously have some great greens for a green stack, but Melendor’s attack stat is 714 when maxed. That’s higher than Gadeirus (618), just below Skittleskull (728) and even max Liana (729), although its quite a bit below Little John (741). Even though my alliance is small and fights titans that usually don’t require me to use a healer, I bring Melendor as part of my green stack anyway, just for the tile damage.

Like I said, there are other defensible choices, I’m sure, but I think there is a decent case to be made for Melendor. I’m sure you’ll make a great decision for your roster and situation.


Just got a compass and gloves for finishing Epic tier on Wonderland. Good luck!!

Oh, beans. The compass and gloves is on epic tier. Legendary tier only gives another set of gloves. That’s why I should check these things before writing! But it I’m not mistaken (here I go not checking again), the next rare quest up is Farholme with the compass, and it should launch just about as soon as Wonderland ends - Sunday, or Monday at the latest. So, still a similar net result.


I believe you are correct @Noble_Weasel. So if he wants he could get extra fine gloves…they add a bit of lace at the ends :wink:

Plus you can never have too many compasses

Since you only have two fully leveled Reds, I would recommend another red one for better Color Stacking in Raid/Event/Titan…

So my Choice would be ramming pulverizer Gormekk.

Don‘t know how well Lancelot does, Kelile is already in da House and even I have big respect facing Colen in raids i don‘t like slow AoE personally.


I seem to be stuck in purgatory when it comes to ascension material. Have another doesn’t heroes I haven’t even begun to level

That’s another excellent point. I was looking at the fact that OP already had Grimm and Tiburtus maxed, and another Tiburtus at 3^60, so he or she already has def down covered but you are right - that’s a short list of reds. (You’d think I would have picked up on this, as my red 4-stars right now are Gormek, Kelile, Kelile, and Kelile!) I believe OP would be making a good decision with either Gormek or Melendor.


This is why I don’t worry about heroes too much until I don’t have one to level and one to start on next in a color. You can’t do them all! :smile:

BTW, because I’m weird, what stuck out to me about your screenshot is how Ranvir’s thumbnail kinda looks like an evil Santa Claus. :santa: Hahaha!

I never noticed that before… But now that you said it I will never look at him the same

It’s just waiting on all that decision material for the five stars. It is a slow slow slow process

That makes sense. Lancelot is offense +mana up for him and nearby allies.

I’m not a fan of Lancelot. He looks good on paper, but i’ve never found a way for him to be high impact.

With your roster, I would shift focus to:

  • Adding a sixth healer, so you can field a healer on each war team. Melendor is the obvious choice.
  • getting your quality 5* on-line. Lianna is head-and-shoulders your best hero, so make sure you are ready to ascend her when tonic #6 falls. Domitia is solid if unexciting—dispel is always a good skill, and rare on 5*. Thorne, not so much.

Try BT / Lancelot / Azlar ^^

Thanks Kerridoc, Melendor it is.

Trust me, I’m counting the days until Shrikewood returns, so I can ascend Lianna.

Right after completing the Riddles of Wonderland legendary level and gaining a set of gloves, a compass drops from a raid chest, so now I can ascend another of the above. Gormek will probably get this one.

Seems like a great decision. Congrats on your good fortune.

Melendor and Gormek are who I’d choose given your roster

Only caveat is check how many sturdy shields you have before putting Melendor up, you will need 8 from 2/60 to max Lianna

Given you only need one tonic, if you have a lot less than twelve shields I’d hold off those shields for Lianna.

It is frustrating to have the four star materials but not the three star (I am currently sitting on 6 tabards but only two trap tools left, and Sartana is giving me a death stare to match her death strike)

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