Azlar or Jean-Francois

In fact, this is 2 first 5* hero that I have (I just play this game for few month). So I dont know what I need for now between wizard and barbarian

Thank you! You are right about

it take too long to burn all 360 damage
but JF don’t have initial damage so, will it be a big problem in attack team?

Think about it this way:

  1. Damage over time (DoT): JF will deliver 302 burn damage in 2 turns, while Azlar will do 360 damage in 6 turns.
  2. Charging speed: on offense (Or any other situation where you can’t use a mana pot), the faster your heroes charge, the better. By the time you manage to charge a slow hero, the battle is often over. No, JF doesn’t deal initial damage, but he burns teams up in the next 2 turns. An attack emblemed JF on defense, I have seen to deal 502 damage in 2 turns which I’d say is formidable.

Recommend you check out JF’s hero thread on feedback and uses, good tips in there. Yes, it takes a bit more tactical effort to use him but not much.


Some of the posters here tend to forget that Azlar has the third highest attack stat (793) among fire heroes in any event or season, bested only by Elena’s 809 attack stat and Baldur’s 809 attack stat (forgive me, I lack a significant number of S3 and event fire heroes and there may be some lurking around unrecognized by me regrettably). As such, his tile damage is valued especially when you don’t have Elena and Baldur fighting against titans (we all know that damaging special skills do not matter much when battling titans). JF only has a 737 attack stat.

Some of the posters here tend to forget that Azlar deals massive damage to all enemies PLUS the 360 burn in 6 turns while JF does no initial damage but only the burn. In Azlar’s case, the initial damage alone may render the enemy dead or close to dying. JF does nothing to the enemy.

Some of the posters here tend to forget that initial damage + burn is better than burn alone, even if the latter’s DOT is significantly higher since most DOTs can easily be dispelled.

Some of the posters here tend to forget that Azlar’s potency is greatly enhanced with Boldtusk, Wilbur, G.Falcon. Try doing that having JF with BT, Wilbur and Falcon and you only see a very minimal increase on his DOT, IF ANY.

Some of the posters here tend to forget that Azlar may still be significantly improved further, not only by embleming the hero, but leveling his costume version as it is always available in the monthly masquerade event. Who knows? Maybe it’ll land on your lap using free keys just like what I experienced with my Lianna and Joon, all costumes obtained using free keys. JF can only be improved with the use of emblems and that’s that.

I have both maxed and unemblemed as my emblems are with my better heroes. But my JF sees action barely. I only used him when I got him maxed and tried several combo against Telly tanks. I found out that Azlar would better serve my needs against GTV defenses than JF could ever have.


Completely agree.

I have Elena-Costume, she is the one that always give me advantage over GTV package.
Elena-Costume will receive (I) mana-booster from costume bonus, (II) mana-booster from rogue class talent node 8 (not node 19) which is easy to accomplish, (III) mana-booster from mana troop. Elena-costume is actually average mana, NOT SLOW as it show on her card. I always bring her with Mitsuko therefore, both counter attack and ice reflect can control GTV damages easily.

Same thing will be applied for Azlar-Costume… If you have Azlar costume, go for it… his attack will be very devastated.

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While I respect your perspective (even if we disagree), I think basing a large part of your argumentation on the costume availability is a bit off - very low chances of pulling a specific costume from the event, even if you personally got lucky. Azlar got a costume, like many other S1 heroes, because they couldn’t keep up with the new heroes.

Yes, DOT can be dispelled but that doesn’t make Vela, GM or any other DoT hero less good or less dangerous.

I would tend to agree that JF works best in a red stack and OP might be better off with a first fire hero like Marjana… but we still haven’t touched on the 30% critical chance for red allies, etc. that JF can deliver.

But to give your rings to Azlar minus costume, versus a fast hero, I think would be the less optimal choice.

Edit: high attack stat is nice. I have Elena for titans, but… it’s not a game changer. Otherwise she sits on the bench when you have other, faster red heroes. I use emblemed BT, G.Falcon, Wilbur, a lot more. Perhaps worth considering embleming Colen instead.

To the OP: if Colen suits your playing style, you will like Azlar too. Otherwise I’d still go for JF :wink: Over and out.



Equal respect reflected to you, too. But please read again that post, it only has one paragraph devoted to the costume. The rest of my argument lies on (1) higher attack stat, (2) dealing initial damage, (3) why dealing initial damage is better than no initial damage, and (4) better synergy with BT, Wilbur and Falcon. My basis is on my experience with the Man-Lion when I got him way back in 2018. He was my first fire legendary but I just can’t remember whether he was my first maxed 5 star red or did I allow him to be overtaken by my Ares when I got the latter in one of the Atlantis summoning as a featured hero. Ares was maxed to serve as tank and for over a year, he did his job well. I have 4 other maxed fire legendaries in Mitsuko, Grazul, Gravemaker and Jean Francois. Out of these 6, JF sees the least action in raids and in wars. I am not regretting maxing him since he may still have future uses and he prevents my Master Lepus from going insanely weak if I ever take the bunny to defend.

And I agree, the OP may need to find faster heroes but I think that that when he gets used to slow heroes, he will find hidden gems in other slow heroes, too. Just like what I experienced. I have used Azlar in 2018 and I am still using him now against GTV defenses and other green tanks.

I am currently working on Marjana to 3/70 and I still debate whether to ascend or not since there are other better hitters in the coming future like Gefjon or Reuben. I have 2nd GM and 2nd Mitsuko standing by and sitting on 18 mystic rings but I plan to get them at least to 3/70 and only ascend them if I got any of those 2 future fire legendaries.


This game is not a sprint. It’s a marathon. That means, you ideally will be playing this game for a long time. And since you’ll be with this game for quite some time, you may love having an ascended Azlar battling it out in maps, events, raids and wars. In truth, there are better heroes than him but you will have to either spend much getting them or wait patiently until your luck smiles on you. But if you only plan on hanging on here in just a few months, yeah, go ahead, max JF. If you get used with slow heroes, you will love SOME of them as they tend to be powerful. Getting used to fast heroes will make you avoid leveling slow ones and that will hamper your entire gaming experience.

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Aye; useless vs useless!

Sorry, but I’m just a 42 and JF just gives up and dies every time… Azlar is a non issue! also

Nah. There are no useless hero. It’s just that some are better, far more powerful and usable than some. Most, if not all, F2P players max heroes that they’ve got since they knew pretty well getting those prized heroes entail spending money they don’t have, and yet, they still kick ■■■ in wars and are in diamond arena.

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You would class me as a P2P but for me, getting a 5 star over an economical 4 star is a bad day!

Then you’re not optimizing being a P2P, but tell that to Hel vs Proteus, Evelyn vs Almur, Marjana vs Kelile, Heimdall vs costumed Kashhrek, Athena vs Grimm, Guinevere vs Li Xiu, Alfrike vs Merlin, etc. If you prefer getting and maxing 4 star heroes over better 5 star ones in your roster, be my guest. I can’t force myself on you how to enjoy the game.

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I maxed jf and swaped him for colen who was a +7 but ain’t seen much difference in my defence but offence his good his burn and other stuff really can help you. I’d max him before azlar iv got a alzar but no idea if I’m going to start on the lion anytime soon.

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Thank you all!
As I said before. I like to go on Azlar (look powerful body:smiley:, had initial damage… )
But I just want to know will JF have big change on his max level or few emblemed or not. Because for now, I don’t like him so much (just 3-70 now). If we dont have much change I will go with Azlar

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To add to this I have a max emblemed Colen vs a maxed Azlar and the emblemed Colen is better in most areas (I think the DOT might be a bit weaker) but he also has the huge benefit of revive as part of his class. So I take him on my A mono red team. He also has the added benefit of being able to be included in 4* tournaments, and he shines in 4* rush (pretty good in 5* rush too)

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If you don’t have many emblems for Azlar then I would suggest max & emblem Colen and he becomes even more effective than max Azlar, and usable in more places. JF is a very good strategic hero

I agree with a few of these points, particularly around slow heroes. Slow heroes get no love these days, but my main anti-Tel team has BT, Grazul, Colen+20, Sumle+20 and G Falcon. Colen and Sumle are slow - but they are absolutely the best reds to add to the other 3 ahead of Wilbur+20, Gormek, Kelile, Lancelot, and Azlar (Colen vs Azlar I have covered in another post). I get around a 70% success rate against Tel teams with this combination (lower than my other mono teams, but GT and GV defenses are tricky (usually try to avoid the full GTV unless there’s a lot of ham and iron as a lure))

I see. Currently, I try to max Colen now. Just confused about JF, but I think I not a fan of him, maybe just keep him in defense team only
Thank you!

So if you have a LOT of emblems to take Azlar past his max, then Azlar would be of value. If you only have a small number of emblems for him then a maxed Colen will be superior in which case you don’t need Azlar at all and JF is a clear winner.

For comparison purposes colen 4/70 (20) vs Azlar 4/80 (0)
Attack 832 vs 793 (Colen wins)
Defense 607 vs 607 (tie)
Health 1234 vs 1322 (Azlar wins)
Special damage 180% vs 205% (Azlar wins, although its close as Colen’s base attack is higher)
Special DOT 378 vs 360 (Colen slight win)
Plus the large chance of revive at death for Colen (Colen wins)

Azlar’s costume would change all of that of course…


LOL. And also embleming Azlar.

Of course, all epic heroes tend to have a better edge when maxed emblemed against its maxed but unemblemed legendary counterpart. But most, if not all, 4* hero cannot outclass a maxed 5 star hero with +20 talent, even if that 4* hero has +20. Of course, there is also this premise that emblem, food and iron cost giving talents to legendaries are very very expensive.

As for Fighter emblems, maybe it is cool you place a lot of those to your Colen. Some players won’t use them on him (I also have maxed my Colen, apart from Azlar and Jahangir) as they have other better heroes of that class, i.e. Delilah, Boltusk, Magni, Panther, Poseidon, Kingston, etc.

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I have Delilah at node 18 of fighter.
And now start putting emblems to Elena-Costume, but Elena will benefit from Rogue class instead of her original fighter…

Dodging the direct damage skill and no need to revive with 1 HP.

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