Will this def team be enough for Diamond?

Hi everyone,

As I’m slowly approaching a point where I can ascent more 5* heroes (I only have Magni maxed at the moment), I’m planning ahead a bit when it comes to my def team. My current plan is the following:

Domitia (emblem-boosted) - Boldtusk (emblem-boosted) - Morgan (emblem-boosted) - Magni - Joon

(Magni is 4-80, Boldtusk 4-70+3; the other 3 are still low level and I could switch to others)

I hope that the center with Morgan’s self-heling and red-shield, Magni’s def boost, and Boldtusk’s healing will be somewhat sturdy. And that as the battle progresses, Boldtusk’s attack boost and the heavy hits from Magni, Joon and Domitia destroy the enemy team.
Will that be enough to stay at the lowest end of Diamond, though?

This team has no group damage. And except for Joon’s single target blindness, it also doesn’t debuff the enemies at all.

As a c2p player, I wont get more 5* heroes easily. And it takes forever to get 4* ascension mats, too.

My other 5* heroes:
Lianna (1-1)
Leonidas (3-70)
Isarnia (1-1)

So as you see, I have no red 5* heroes yet, and also no 5* hero that would be perfect as a tank.
I have all standard 4* heroes, except for Rigard and Sonya I think.
Of the non-standard 4* heroes I have Wilbur (maxed and emblem-boosted), Proteus (will be maxed and get emblems soon), Gobbler, Triton, and Danzaburo.

To become in diamond even without 5* at all (only use five maxed 4*) is achievable by raid offense. BUT to make you STAY in diamond thru raid defense you need at least four Strong maxed 5* to guard your tower.

And last thing, i would choose lianna over morgan

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Just for clarification: I don’t plan to use this def team now. Three of those heroes are still in training.
Currently I use a totally different def team (Skittleskull-BT-Cyprian-Magni-Leonidas), which holds me at ~2200 cups. If my attack teams gets me beyond that, I’m raided very often and pushed back to about that value.

I know that Lianna is better than Morgan for almost everything, but who should I use as a tank then?

I was in diamond with 3 maxed 5* (all slow)

IMO Morgan is better in defence team than Lianna (and she is probably one of best hero in war team)


I would swap Boldtusk and Domitia so that her yellow shield covers both your tank and healer. Otherwise i think this is sound. As noted above, you will have to aggressively raid to keep your cups, but this team should hold well enough.

There is an advantage to using heroes like Morgan, that are unfamilar. People either underestimate them (easy to do with Morgan) or decide it’s not worth bothering to raid an unfamiliar lineup.


Thanks for the input!

There is also one more (nonrational) reason for me to chose Morgan over Lianna: As a c2p player, the chances of getting an event 5* hero are super low. Morgan might forever be my only non-standard 5* hero. So I like the idea of training her to the maximum :slight_smile:


Yeah, do it.
Lianna can wait and raid.
I love unusual defs.

Since I put Mommy North in tank position, I get raided less than with Ares in the middle. If she stands till she goes off, the opponent has to cloth warm :wink:

Center seems to be the right and possibly only position for slow.

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If I could choose which Avalon hero to take I’d ask for MLF and not Guin :joy:

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One more question, since I dont have experience with elemental def yet: Will the red and yellow shields from Morgan and Domitia overwrite each other or can they peacefully coexist on the same hero?

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Easy to try out…
Imho yes, since the green, all and holy shields of one of my combis will also cascade.

I just faced this weird shield cascade:


What would keep that team in low diamond is no one noticing you. If you get your cups up to where higher powered can win 30 or more cups from you, you will drop 100+ cups in minutes.

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