Attack / Defense power ratio?

Regardless of specific heroes, does anyone have any best practice strategies for how the power of your attack team relates to your defense team (particularly regarding raids)?

To clarify, do you guys try to have your go-to attacking team be stronger than your defensive team? Defensive team stronger? Or do you try to equalize their team power as much as possible?

Or maybe a better question is: does the game choose raid opponents based on the power of your defensive team? Or based on your top most powerful heroes overall? I feel like I get disproportionately raided by teams at the max end above my power level, making revenges difficult. If who is able to attack me is based on my defensive team strength, I was thinking maybe I should intentionally set that team’s power lower so it levels the playing field when I revenge with my stronger attack team.

But I could be way off base with this…

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This is going to be a hard one because the answers will vary depending on how developed a players roster is.

When your are early game the defense team and offense team will be the same or close to it, because you only have a small set of leveled heroes.

As you advance, you start to make teams based more on the synergies of the heroes and who you are attacking. Lots of options and variability in offense. Your defense will be build based on hero synergy against generic opponents and also take into account how to limit the AI from making stupid mistakes.


A stronger defensive team helps for war, stronger attacking teams (more than 5 heroes) helps for both wars and raids. Id do a strong defense before a strong attacking team and I have performed many weeks of cup dropping to just fill my chest.

My most powerful heroes are both good for attacks and defense, go for this kind of heroes first!


Raids are matched based on your trophy count +/- 300. So if you have 1500 trophies, the game will match you with opponents that have between 1200 and 1800 trophies. Generally, if you’re encountering mostly stronger opponents, it means that you are great at raiding, and so the game is attempting to compensate for your skill by giving you stronger opponents to fight.

You can put up a weaker defense team to intentionally lower your trophy count (aka cup-dropping), and this will match you with easier opponents if that is what you would prefer.


Ha! I don’t know that I’d go quite that far… :rofl:

I disagree that it’s more important to focus on building a strong defense setup as a priority over attacking heroes. Te more damage output you have, the better your scores on titans for loot, additionally you open raid chests by winning offensive raids not defense raids. Kashrek is a great 4* tank but I didn’t level him until I already leveled 3 ofher green heroes. Your questions have been answered by previous comments but to expand on the strength of your attacking team depending on your roster; the “strongest” team I can field is 3492 but I never use those heroes together in any circumstance ever. Team power is a loose term. When I’m not too lazy to re arrange my teams, I make a team that’s tailored specifically to attack whichever team I’m attacking and typically the team power is like 3300 attacking 4K teams. I still think I’m the one with the advantage though because I stack colors heavy and the tank is normally dead in a couple turns, my heroes have all gained mana at generally the same speed, and now there’s a hole in the middle to push tiles through for double mana. Within 5 turns it’s usually 5 vs 4 and I’ll have 3 heroes specials charged. Color stacking is THE way to win raids. Sorry for the ramble I haven’t slept and I’ve drank a few coffees.

To be clear, I focused on building a strong offensive team and now that I’m in an OK (I think) place with that, I’ve been working on building additional heroes / teams for wars.

If anything, now I’ve been focused on trying to spread out my leveling up to put together strong groups of colors for titan attacks.

So my initial question was more in a general sense of whether there was some strategic value to intentionally making your defensive team weaker (or stronger).

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Making your defensive team weaker is good if you’re climbing too high in cups to be able to fill chests easily. Drop some cups on purpose and you’ll get easier teams to attack for your hero chest. Making your defensive team weaker doesn’t immediately match you against weaker teams as raid matches are based on cups.

What @SWEG says about easier attacks helping fill chests is correct. You do this for mats and resources just as you do fighting titans.

Your secondary sorta question seems to be about teams. I say thinking in terms of static teams will keep you from fielding best teams for a given fight/purpose.

If you are leveling too many at one time, you are not doing it right. See all the various posts.

Oh, I’m definitely not taking a shotgun approach to leveling. I have a pretty strong rainbow team, so my priority has been to focus on specific heroes within color groups for stacking, which as a by-product has been creating some ok-to-decent secondary teams to allow for multiple battles in wars.

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In general, defensive teams have higher power due to the fact it’s easier to make just one team for defense like a full 5* lineup.

Offensive team however, depends on your hero roster for combinations. Most offensive teams consists of a mix 4* and 5* for color stacking and so on. So the team power is generally lower.

Raids are based on your trophy level and not team power. If not mistaken, +/- 300 cups. So there is no such thing as mismatched raid. When it happens it means you punched above your weight or your opponent did a trophy drop.

Basically I don’t care about colour in defense team. I only check if the abilities fit together (HOTM with elemental link + corresponding heroes). This may lead to a bit weaker defense team than my attacking team. I personally love rainbow teams and only stack colours if opponent got real special heroes. Generally you should always have a look on your opponents cards and not using “Standard attack team” for everything.

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