Attack/Defense and Titan teams advice

Hi guys any advice on which Heroes i should use in what team? I just finished a 3star team and want to start with 4 team for attacking defense and titans

Empower heroes that increase your attack and decrease target’s defense first, followed by heroes who increase your survivability and high attack heroes. Try to leave theweak color home while bringing more strong color heroes when attacking and you’ll do great things.

You should empower Wu Kong, G. Jackal, Gormek and Zimkitha for example, followed by Gunnar and Valen. Good job with maxing Ulmer, he is a good hero.
Zimkitha would take long to reach her max level but she is worthy even at 3.70 due to the utility she bring.

Your best tank at the moment is Kashhrek (he is designed to be a tank) and Li Xiu (the same as Kashhrek but in another way) and I feel like suggest you this defensive team for when you’ll bring those heroes to a good level:

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Jakhals, Gormek, Sabina, Cademon and Sonja.


Sabina, Gromek, Kash, Li Xiu, Sonja,


Wu Kong, Gromek,

If you like gambling and understand how Wu Kong works you could train him before Jakhals for offense.

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Gormek, Jackal, Sabina, Caed, Sonya would make a decent team both for raids and titan - titan damage you need for better loot and ascension materials.

For Zim, consider this: