Need Advice on Titan and Raid Teams, Please

I am thoroughly confused by all of the advice out there and even more so by some of the acronyms. So, I’m putting myself at your mercy. I am currently using the following defense team: L to R Lianna, Boril, Gormek, Gregorian, Sabina. However, I have Kashhrek, Caedmon, Kiril, Li Xiu, Wu Kong , Kelile, Sonya, Brienne and HuTao. I also have Bane, Balthazar, Hawkmoom and Valen. Which should I focus on and which make the best Raid team and which make the best Titan team.

Perhaps would be a good idea to put screenshots of your bench up so we know what lvl they are at.
But for titans you need to lvl Wu without doubt


What are some of the acronyms that confuse you?

Team components (heroes)’ level matters greatly. Can you screenshot your heroes for us (as Allslost requests)?

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Screenshots would indeed help a lot, but here are my thoughts:

Some players will tell you to focus on building a base. A base of 3* heroes first and after that a base of 4* heroes first. Preferably (multiple) rainbow team(s). Others will tell you to use what you have and try to aim for the current possible best combination(s), because that way they have experienced more fun in playing.

You just have to decide what you would like to do. My advice is:

  • If you want to plan ahead and think you will most likely stick to playing this game, make a base of 3/4* heroes first. You will benefit from it eventually in all aspects of the game. Having a variety of heroes to choose from is one of the best advantages you can create for yourself in this game.
  • If you want to check out the game and find out if it’s fun enough for you, level up your best heroes and experience what the game could mean for you.

I chose the first route. :slight_smile:

For convience sake I’ll put your heroes in boxes first:

Pure tanks for defense teams: Kashrek, Boril and Hu Tao
Snipers: Lianna and Kelile
Snipers + debuff: Caedmon and Sonya
Snipers + boost: Gregorian
Defense debuffer: Gormek
Mana control: Li Xiu
Healers: Sabina and Kiril
Buffers Wu Kong

Current defense team

I assume that these heroes are equally upgraded and are ‘‘your current best’’ considering their ascension level.

The AI fires special attacks from left to right. Switch Sabina with Lianna. When both their special attacks are ready then Sabina will remove all buffs from your opponnents first. If any defense buffs were active on the opposing heroes, Lianna her special attack will now deal normal/more damage again.

Also, I would consider switching Boril with Gormek. My personal experience is that the special attack of Gormek will hurt me more if it goes off. Riposte is a buff I can easily get rid of, now that I have Belith, Tyrum, Caedmon and Sabina. Usually, I stack colors and play in a 3-1-1 formation (three colors) which makes me kill the tank fast. By doing this I do load up the special attacks of the flank heroes faster than I like as well. These special attacks of flanking heroes usually have a higher chance of being fired on me when I use this strategy.

I would aim for a rainbow defense team. Heroes which I would use in your defense team are:

Green: Lianna / Kashrek
Red: Gormek
Blue: Kiril
Yellow: Li Xiu
Purple: Sabina

I would leave out Caedmon and Sonya, since their special attack matches with Sabina her special attack.

Maybe, something as:

~Sabina~Kiril~Li Xiu~Gormek~Lianna

A balanced 4* defense team could be:

~Sabina~Kiril~Kashrek~Gormek~Li Xiu

I am not in favor of using double colors in a defense team, but a possible balanced double color team could be:

~Sabina~Gregorian/Caedmon~Boril/Kiril~Lianna~Li Xiu.

I would favor Caedmon, because Caedmon is easier to ascend. I would favor Kiril, since you will only have 3 heroes who deal damage with their special attack and the special attack of Kiril adds more power to your setup.

You want to maximize your damage dealt to the titans. You can reach this by:

  • Increasing the power of your heroes
  • Decreasing the defense of the titan

Increasing the power of your heroes, essential heroes:

Wu Kong. Wu Kong. Wu Kong. Ascend Wu Kong, he’s a game changer for titan scores. His boost to your power is huge. Kiril, he’s also boosting your power and defense and does stack with Wu Kong. Gregorian would add more critical chance to your heroes attack, which makes him worth it to level up for titans also.

Decreasing the defense of the titan, essential heroes:

You will want to use Gormek (except maybe not on blue titans), because his special attack lowers the defense of your titans. Also, Sabina, Sonya and Caedmon will make excellent debuffers. This is very useful for rare titans, which use special attacks to boost their attack or defense.

In the end, all of your heroes are useful for titan attacks. Usually you will notice a better score if you stack at least 2 (or 3) heroes of the opposing color of the titan. So, if you’re facing a blue titan then you will be using at least 2 (or 3) green heroes. This strategy will require a hero bench with multiple ascended heroes in order for it to be useful.

People can correct me or add something to this, but I hope you will have something more to hold on to now.


Fighting Titans is very situational. It is basically how much damage can you inflict in the shortest amount of time possible. I will always double on the color the is weakest against, and remove the color the Titan is strongest against. I never take a healer because offense and damage are more important. I will sometimes use arrows or minor mana to charge specific special attacks. I try to use heros with attacks and offensive buffs such as lowering Titans defense, or mana supression. The only slow mana charge hero I would use in a Titan hunt would be at the middle tank position because they have high defense and health


Why? Titan attacks are random so the positions of your heroes don’t matter. Unless, you want specific heroes to be influenced by special attacks such as those from Aeron, Brother Tuck etc. Right?

Thank you so much for your response. I’m trying to figure out how to upload my screenshots as soon as I figure it out I will do so! Thanks again

Thank you tons for all of the great advice. It has helped tremendously! You rock!!

Most of the damage from titans come from tiles and not the specials, and most of the time healers have very high tile damage. Also healer will keep your titan team alive longer as well once you start facing high level titans. The only heroes I would take over a high tile damage healer is defense debuffers and mana control heroes to prevent the titan special from firing.
For titans I use:

  1. Always Wu Kong or Tarlak if you got him
  2. Attack buffer (Boldtusk, Kiril, Bear/Dragon Banner)
  3. Defense debuffer (Grimm/Gormek/Tiburtus/Isarnia/Ulmer/Valen/Wilbur, etc elemental debuffer if you have them (Arthur/Panther/Jackal/Falcon)
  4. 2-3 of the color that is strong against the Titan, preferably heroes with high tile damage or good tankiness for survivability

Who is better for titans Wu or Tarlak other then color specific Tarlak vs blue Wu vs dark

Everybody’s already got it covered on Wu, absolute must when it comes to titans and I use him for raiding often too. But in regards to defense, I’d go:

Gregorian/Li Xiu/Boril\Lianna\Sabina

You get the element link bonus between Gregorian and Lianna plus their hard hitting specials, buff/heal/debuff combo between Sabina and Boril so nearly everything covered there, and mana control with Li Xiu.

Tarlak as he does not have the chance to miss.

Isn’t there a thread that lists all the acronyms or (slang)? This is my first post so I’m just learning myself.

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