PSA 4* heroes are important. Advice for newer players

I’ve repeatedly said to so many individuals that you need to level your 4* heroes as a priority before you focus on 5* heroes, I’ll just make a post instead of being a broken record.

There are 4 main reasons you should focus on your 4* heroes first.

1.) you can max a 4* hero approximately twice as fast as a 5*, with half the expense.

2.) events and titans and wars are the main source of ascension materials. You won’t be very effective in wars with like a couple heroes who are partially leveled, same with titans, and the most important of these 3 is events. You can’t complete the epic category without having leveled 4* heroes. 5* aren’t allowed in epic, so you need leveled 4*. Incidentally 4* heroes can beat the legendary tier quite easily, now you’re earning guaranteed like 6 unfarmable mats a month from events. Don’t forget quests either.

3.) following the train of thought that you need 30 leveled heroes to be competitive in wars, you need options on your offensive line ups in raids. If you sink all your time and resources into 5* heroes before you even have like 3 teams of 4* heroes, you just won’t have options to play with in raids. A lot of newer players get frustrated raiding. I did too. That frustration stops as soon as you have options to choose from.

4.) a 4* hero at 4/70 is usually better than a 5* hero at 3/70. Since ascension materials are quite rare, use them wisely! With 4 hidden blades you can max boldtusk. It would take 8 hidden blades and 6 mystic rings and a tome of tactics and a Damascus blade to max a red 5*. Do boldtusk first, or Scarlett or whatever option you’re looking at for a 4* red instead of bringing azlar to 3/70. Your 4* will do much more for you in earning all the mats you need.

I know 5* heroes are cool, and everybody wants cool heroes. But it’s way cooler to have the ability to beat every aspect of the game, earning you ascension materials so that you can continue to improve your roster. It seems every newer player and some intermediate players get stuck in the trap of thinking well 5* heroes are better, and that becomes their focus. This game takes patience. Partially leveled 5* heroes without a solid bench of maxed 4* heroes is just the wrong way to play this game.


Great post :clap:t2:! People desperately need 5* and then complain about leveling them up because cant get mats. for each 5* fully maxed you can get 2 4* heroes for less materials.
If more players could understand this concept there would be less complaints and way more fun!
Who never was fully satisified at beating a fully leveled 5* team with just 4* heroes?


All good very points.

I would probably argue the same for 3*, especially for f2p and c2p players

(Could you put a couple of page breaks in to break up the text?)


Absolute thruth though I have to admit I leveled Lianna up to 2-60 just to use her for Farming until I level her up. It feels nice to see a 5* in your team even if it’s underpowered.

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Feeling nice < succeeding


That being said, I totally get the ‘glitz’ factor of having 5* but I like to get things. Weaker teams do not let me get things.


Of course, but it wasn’t that many feeders that I had to use, besides it’s a game, sometimes I put fun above efficiency. If I play it all accordingly to what should be done and in what order all the time then it feels like a job, and I have already too much with my own real job.
It’s my opinion though!

But always a good plan and distribution of your mats and resources will get you further in less time.


Sure. For future reference, you can feel free to edit my posts as you like.

It is also worth noting that there are some valuable special effects that are unique to 4* heroes (Wu Kong, Triton, Wilbur, Guardian Jackal, Hansel/Gretel, etc).


Maybe occasionally for format only, your content is great :blush:

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I also find that success feels nice xD
Goes hand in hand imho

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Ah man, you’ve convinced me. Taking my Sabina up to the final level now! I just got the gloves i needed. And it’s a choice to use it now on her or save it for Panther later!
Or skittle could get it…lol.


Don’t worry. 4* Sabina will help you get materials for 5* Panther :wink:


I’ve hated skittle since before i got him. But he will probably get the next glove i get after.
mumbles about maxing 4 first*

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Skittle isn’t so bad. High attack stat, hits all and reduces attack. He’s decent.

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No, i know he isn’t so bad. My dislike started with raiding before i had any 4 stars. His special would go off before i could fire my healer and it’d ko my heros. I love him with low level quests…
Love hate…

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“She” skittles is a she. :slight_smile:


How can you tell lol

I looked under her loin cloth. She is surprisingly spot-on with hygiene there.

Then i went onto the forums to tell people and found others already knew.


Its just what ive been told.


Skittle’s title is “Bog Witch”.


That clears it up. I never clicked for the full picture.

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