Atlantis pulls as c2p when I already have Wilbur and Proteus?

Hi everyone,

I play this game as c2p (mostly VIP pass and a few special offers here an there). I usually acquire enough gems to do one 10x pull per month. So far, I mostly spent my gems for Atlantis pulls. Last month I pulled Proteus, and I already have Wilbur.

I guess with those two I have the important 4* Atlantis heroes, right? (I also have Triton, Gobbler, and Danzaburo but never use them) And 5* heroes are very difficult to get when only doing one 10x pull per month.

So I wonder if it makes sense to continue doing Atlantis pulls. I never participated in Grimforest and Teltoc pulls, since I just started playing the game when they were up last time. Are those a better way to spend gems? So far I don’t have a single hero that does elemental def debuff, so those Teltoc 4* heroes seem interesting…

I am in your same situation.
Maybe I spend a bit more than you so I can do a x10 pull almost every month.
I will try my luck for sure when the next Atlantis gate will open: all 3 new 5* heroes are really interesting and March HOTM seems quite strong, much more than Kunchen.
After that pull I will skip Grimforest altogether and hoard gems to try as many pulls as possible in Guardians of Teltoc. The elemental debuffers are too unique and too important to miss them.

Don’t get me wrong, Hansel&Gretel are great heroes and I will try to pull them for sure in the future. But they are not life changers as the guardians, in particular when you already have a mana control hero like Proteus.

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I’d say yes, you’re better off using your 10x pulls on Grimforest and Teltoc. Your chances at any 5* event heroes are next to nothing, so if it were me, I would personally set my sights on other event 4* heroes.

Hansel and Gretel are amazing, as are Jackal and Falcon. As you said, Wilbur and Proteus are the best of the Atlantis group. The rest are nonessential.


Save your gems for guardians first. Then decide if you like the 4s for Grimmforest and Wonder Land to go for them (and hope for a 5!) Or save for a x30 pulls for Atlantis instead of individual x10 pulls.


I’d also say save for Guardians event. Jackal, Falcon, and Panther are all really nice heroes to have

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Thanks for your opinions!

I will wait until April and do a 30x pull on Teltoc. I don’t have a red 5* yet, so the April HotM wouldn’t be so bad either.

I still have so many heroes to level for each color, that it doesn’t really matter if I wont get any new ones for 2 more months. It will still be a long waiting time… :expressionless:

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it’s the same for me… Triton (2x), Proteus (1x), Wilbur (1x), Danzaburo (2 x one was feeded away), Sumitomo (1x) i got already… was hoping for Tarlak but no luck so far… i thik i will do one more 10 pull next time it opens and see what it brings… (March HOTM seems nice as well, so i want to give it a chance…) after that try my luck on Teltoc with another 10 pull…

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Proteus and Hansel ( together they fight crime )

Having a Proteus 4*+3 and a Hansel 4* 4.36 ( Gryphonkit, my wife, has 2x Gretel and 5x Hansel ), I will disagrees.

Just like Gobbler is designed to fight Buddy and 1- 3 Druids and Captain of Diamonds is designed to counter Queen of Hearts, the heroes Proteus, Hansel, Merlin and Gretel all have different uses.

The two biggest differences are Hansel is fast mana speed and gets a decent special skill defense buff. Both are huge against heroes.

While Proteus really shines against titans, double bosses and triple bosses.

Elemental defense debuff

While Rogue Jackal 4*+1 is insanely powerful as a second yellow hero while color stacking, Paladin Falcon 4*+1 is actually a superior second red hero while color stacking since all current, and rumored, 3 target elemental defense debuffs are 5* Heroes.

Defense attacks are colorless, so Paladin Falcon 4*+1 having an insanely high defense stat with a class buff is actually more important for defense. But balanced by Wilber also being red ( sneaky Devs ).

Atlantis Portal

Proteus and Wilbur are the stars of Atlantis Portal. Unless you really want a 5* hero ( looking at you rumored blue 5* Rigard, er, Ariel ). If you have either Proteus, or Wilbur, I would consider skipping Atlantis summons.

Ranty McRantface

(Insert twenty hour rant about Summons x10 being designed for speeding up 30- 50 summons, not for saving gems, and why C2P and F2P should only do Summons x1 until they have reached their desired hero or the limits of their summons budgets.

Wanders off to buy headache medicine and a wall patch kit.)


hm… this makes me rethink…

so you think trying my luck on Grimmforest and Guardians would be better instead of trying another Atlantis? (i have wilbur and proteus, and triton (2x) and many many Melias, Mnesseus, …) - i thought tarlak is one of the best 5 stars there , so i thought giving it another try … (don’t have wu… but 2 tc 20 running and hoping to get one)

so i consider doing 10 x Grimm Forest and 10 x Guardian instead of doing 10 x Atlantis and 10 x Guardian (Hansel seems to be nice…)… last non-Atlantis i tried was Avalon and i didn’t get any event hero (was hoping for getting one of them…)

so in the end maybe it doesn’t matter which event hero you will not get…

i haven’t understood why i should do 1 x pulls over 10 x pulls tbh…

Triton is pretty good, he has high damage, fast sniper and useful when using it with healers. I use him to counter most red tanks. You should max him, he deals more damage than Sonya’s special :slight_smile:

i continue atlantis summons: i want Proteus and some s2 5* and HOTM( i renember pulling Ares and Khiona same day F2P back then). I already have Wilbur (snipers doom) and Triton. And a Danza that i dont use because i have better yellows.

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Atlantis coins

As you power up your hero roster, you will get Atlantis coins from Season 2 map and other loot, and 5* heroes have such low odds ( one of my teammates spent thousands of USD to get Albrerich from Atlantis summons ), so in my opinion, you will eventually get lots of Atlantis 3* heroes, so 4* Wilbur and 4* Proteus are the reason to spend gems in addition to those coins earned through game play.

Grimmforest and Guardians have four of the best 4* heroes in Empires and only take gems.

Summons x1 versus x10

([Rant, Primer, Summons] 2019 Summons x1 versus x10 - now with Taxi Driver simile)

Hansel is awesome, but since getting proteus I use him alot less than I used to.

I am in a similar situation; I too have Proteus and Wilbur and am debating if I should do Atlantis this month or wait. For me it’s going to come down to the heroes they introduce and the returning heroes of the month (and the currently available hero of the month). If they would fit into my current roster well, then I’ll go for it. Otherwise I’ll wait.

I recognize that the chances of any specific hero are low, but to me that’s all the more reason to be patient and only take my shots when I really feel an addition would be powerful.

So if you have these 2 big hitters from Atlantis you should be chasing who? I am curious about these events/4* characters people are talking about in Grimmforest & Guardians since I am fairly new to the game (under 3 months)

Falcon and Jackal from Guardians of Teltoc. Hansel and Gretel from Grimm Forest.

The only thing that makes the idea of continuing Atlantis pulls are the ascension item chest rewards. Those can be a game changer. Someone did point out that as you level, you will be receiving more Atlantis summon coins as you go, not including the additional coins received from the Atlantis levels. The returning HotM chances also make Atlantis very enticing. I received Alby and it laterally took me to another level from that 1 hero. I agree with the other replies in investing in a chance for Falcon or Jackal outweighs wasting gems on Atlantis “feeders”. I think it best to stay balanced and see what works for you. Perhaps its a “yes, and” answer rather than an “either or” that will get us the best results. Maybe try your luck one month only using Atlantis specific coins, save for that months event, and if you decide to try a single pull or too, see how it works out.

Thanks for the advice… used coins only this time (500) instead of using gems for 10 x pull.

got: Namahage (duplicate), Melia (duplicate), Gill Ra 2 x (duplicate), Ameonna (new! not sure what i shall think about her… have to search around here) and… guess what… Frida…


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