Atlantis Family (In Progress)

I’m running:


I emblemed Melia to 14 (will go to 17) on defense/HP path.

Here are their stats (ATT/DEF/HP) right now with 4* LVL 11 mana troops and NONE are fully maxed except Melia:

Melia (3/50-14): 642/620/848
Gad (3/60): 615/776/910
Ariel (3/37): 641/829/1018
Triton (4/20): 762/717/926
Proteus (4/63): 834/793/1061

At 17, Melia will have 920 HP. The +20% defense family bonus is no joke. Gad will be at 936 DEF once he’s maxed.

Now we just need a Red hero in the Atlantis family.

I’m maxing Alberich right now, but I’m seriously thinking of holding him at 3/70 so I can max Gad. That would be nuts if I wasn’t looking at the +20% family bonus. Granted, Alberich has a much better special AND they are both slow.

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Was JUST discussing something very similar with another member. @Dudeious.Maximus, what do you think :joy:. Great minds think alike I suppose

P.S Sorry fresh out of likes for your post. Typical anymore, for me anyway

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Not sure how you’re lining those up, but if the order you list is left-to-right, you can do better. It’s a shame to waster Gad’s buffs on Melia and Ariel, and Triton should probably sit far left to make sure his special is up before a healer activates.

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I’ve been playing around with that. Thought was to have Gad supporting Melia a bit.

Nice team I like it! Yeah I just got gade and triton have both the 3* maxed.
As for a red in Atlantis family I don’t see it! As lagoon doesn’t have a yellow! Sakura Don’t have a blue or green I think! Kinda think they will keep one coloured hero out of each the family!

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