Ascention question - who should be next 5* ice hero maxed

Dear forum fellows, I am standing again with dilemma as evident from the topic title. I have multiple blues and merely 6 scopes. I need a strong hero to reinforce my ice mono team and to help me in Raids, Wars and special events.

Below are pictures of the heros I am hesitating between and also my current ice team. I have also Isarnia with 11 emblems but she will be stripped of those in favor of Sartana.

I have also included my current defense team.

Thank you all for sharing your opinion.

Krumpet > Lepus > Skadi > Snow White > Magni > Glenda > Richard > Anyone else > Aegir

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Lepus! Get that mana troop to 23, put it on Athena, kill stuff dead

You don’t have a mana troop 23 so do lepus first.

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