Ascension Material Tracker

After reading @robin102’s post about tracking ascension materials, it inspired me to track my own ascension materials for 2020.

However, I wanted the tracker to be really simple to use and just automatically count the number of mats I get and where I get them from. So I decided to create my own and this is the final result.

Ascension Material Tracker Spreadsheet - CLICK HERE

The tracker will automatically track both purchased and non-purchased mats, as well as automatically highlight each item with the corresponding element that the material is used for.

You will want to make a copy into your own Google Drive so that you can use it for your own personal use.

Note: I did not include swords, sharpening stones, battle manuals, etc… Only the really hard to get mats.

I hope someone can find good usage out of this and if anyone has any suggestions please feel free to let me know.



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