Ascension Calculator (4* and 5* Rare Mat Tracking)

With all the work that I’ve been doing on the wiki, it’s become apparent to me that ascension is a seriously complicated process… and with regular questions about who is worthy of these elusive rare ascension mats, well, I was disheartened when I had to create, literally, thirteen different charts just to display what items are required for ascension in the game.

To make things more user-friendly, and easier to read, I decided to put together an easier way to determine what’s needed for ascension… so, I did a thing:

E&P 4* and 5* Ascension Calculator (Google Sheet)

Be forewarned: it does not take into account the super simple mats that everyone “should” have in abundance… It only tracks the final two levels of ascension for 4* and 5* heroes… basically, the two ascensions that involve rare mats.

There are instructions on the spreadsheet as to how to use it and what all of the numbers mean. In essence: put your totals on the 2nd sheet and the 1st sheet will display what you’re capable of… or what you’re lacking.

Be sure to Copy the spreadsheet to your own Google Drive so that your totals don’t interfere with anyone else’s… also, reply below so that you’re notified when I update this thread as a result of updating the spreadsheet.

All questions and feedback welcome. :smile:

Hope y’all enjoy the pseudo-Dark Mode and Rainbow styling. :rofl:

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thx - good guide will use from now on

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I found this useful early on (until I memorized it):


Yeah, I saw that graphic! Incorporated it into the Ascension page of the wiki as a useful resource, for sure. I just wanted to take this one step further as a potential tool to help people track their stuff without having to memorize anything! :slight_smile:

Glad to see so many people checking it out! I’ll take the lack of complaints as a very positive sign. :joy:

I’ve been visiting the spreadsheet regularly since its release. Noticed a bug on the T4 Full Ascension and T5 Full Ascension portions… squashed those.

All should be well and now in perfectly working order.

I’m hoping to expand it to include all tiers of ascension for 4* and 5*, as well as possibly adding 3* if demand is there. If you do find this to be a valuable tool for you, remember to copy the spreadsheet, then reply to this thread so that you’re made aware of when bigger updates hit and I make note of them here. :slight_smile:

Corrected a typo that was showing an oddity with potentially being able to fully ascend Dark heroes, despite not being able to do any of the final ascension of 4* heroes.

Yay for ensuring accuracy! Spreadsheet has been updated. :slight_smile:

Edit: If you want to make the same correction on your own version of the calculator, it was in cell L82. Any references IN cell L82 that were referencing “K81” should instead be adjusted to refer to “K82”. …off by one cell… UGH!

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