Ascension Items for max. Tier



For everyone who needs it. :blush:
What should I say? I like pictures. :grin:

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List of required ascension items
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Ascension Mats required for 4* & 5*

Excellent! steals pic :grin:


It actually was for a forum post you just did @Rook. :smiley:


I like this version much better. It’s going into my (not so) private collection! :smile:


Very nice, especially since the 4* fourth ascension is the same as the 5*'s third ascension.


This is absolutely wonderful, dear!
Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

I will immediately share this with our alliance.

Added bonus:
Our alliance is in Germany. We speak - and play in - German. And these pictures are very valuable indeed for any player who, e.g., has no idea what on earth a “royal tabard” is, when looking at a list in English. :slight_smile:



This is excellent, thanks!


Yeah I’m german too but play the game in english for various reasons @AnjaValkyrie. :slight_smile:


Well I asked myself (since I have no 5* hero yet I don’t know) if you also need the items for max ascending a 4* for the 3rd ascenion of a 5*?


Yes Nox, like Wharflord posted above tier 4 4* and tier 3 5* need the same ascension materials.
PS. Hope you’re doing good in your new alliance :wink:


Whoops, missed that. Well, my first TC20 training will start in a few hours. :mage:
Thanks @Caeleste. Yeah, I feel very comfortable. Been recently trying out various strategies in raids and titan fights.


Had been meaning to do one for some time and never quite found the time… THANK YOU SO MUCH!!1


Thank you very much. Well done!


Oh my… This is wonderful @N.o.X I was just going to put something together tonight if I didn’t find something on the Net. Initial searches led me to some dead ends! I had a good idea of how I was going to do it too! I have to admit however yours is MUCH better!

EXCELLENT Job. I’ll be sure to share back to you. Thanks! RaZoR


Is there a similar listing for ALL ascension levels (so all tiers for 3*, 4* and 5* heros).


@N.o.X I’ve tossed this image into the Fandom Wiki that I’ve been working on (with a few others). I made sure to credit you for the image - thank you for the resource and keep up the great work!

@Jeuninkj You can find all ascension material requirements here. :slight_smile: