Empires & Puzzles S2: The 101 Atlantis Pulls + the 9 Bonus Ascension Chest Loots!

You see, …

101 (one hundred and one) is a natural number!
It follows 100 and precedes 102 … and yes, 102 is the total member of heroes I got from those 101 pulls which includes … SIX 5* stars heroes!

Pause …

Was hoping to get Alberich but … I got two 5* heroes as new additions to my Hero Roster… Ares (the god of war) and Mok-Arr (The jaws-ome walking shark) … and this makes me … 50% happier!

Pause …

What makes me sad about the remaining 100 heroes though,… is how many of them I will use as food on this … altar of servitude so to level other heroes … or how many I should keep!

I guess I need to establish some restrict rules and follow them.


As per the loot from the Ascension Chests, … I DO NOT CARE ANYMORE!
Because … I’m back to where I was 2 months ago …

and the fact that …

Thank you

For those F2P players out there, just …

So, send them your love and appreciation, … instead!


Well, one other thing I noticed regarding the Ascension Chests…

I started with 28301 gems and the Bonus Ascension Item chest tracker was at 6/10 (Screenshot with Alberich) and did …

  • 3 x 30 Atlantis summons = 25200 gems
  • 1 x 10 Atlantis summons = 3000 gems

Total of 100 pulls worth of 28200 gems and ended with 101 remaining gems but got 9 Bonus Ascension Item chests (Screenshot of Ameonna) and the note that it is Sold Out.

In theory, I have have a total 100 + 6 summons and used 90 (in the 9 chests) but then … there are 16 summons missing from the chest tracker , and … it also says (Screenshot of Melia)…

Does this mean those missing 16 summons + 1 Atalantis Token summon (I made before the end of the video) will carry over to the next next Atlantis Summon Event?

Oh, wait … but I also said ,…

and that ,…

This may be their way of capping it at 9 chests per month.

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Does this mean those 17 Atlantis Pulls … are gone?
It does say Chests in Stock: 0 (Melia Screenshot, above)

I reported it as a technical issue/a bug through the in-game Support… with a reference to post #2.
Received the above guidelines After the submission of the request.

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That’s good. They should reimburse you if there were no such limitations described or advertised, otherwise they are opening themselves for a class action lawsuit.

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You seem to have replied before the image was loaded.

You are correct. Yes it looks like 9 per month maximum so numbers 91 through 107 are not counted.

But then,… how I started this event with 6/10 chests from the previous Atlantis Event?

You don’t need to answer, you know.

I did another 2 x 30 plus 2 x 10 plus 3 x 1 pulls …a total of 83 pulls
But this time, no legendary 5 star heroes except for Khonia the HOTM

So far, I did a total of …

  • 5 x 30 Atlantis summons = 42000 gems
  • 3 x 10 Atlantis summons = 9000 gems
  • 3 x 01 Atlantis summons = 1050 gems
  • 1 x Atalantis Token summon = 0 gems

Total of 184 pulls worth of 52050 gems and got Mok-Arr, Ares, Lianna, Richard, Magni and 2 x Khonia
No Alberich!

I did ask for this ,…

Didn’t I?

I would’ve put all the the purchased 50000 gems plus 20000 more and got Alberich, … instead!

Should I force the hand of fate even harder?
Who among you is the “oh lord” and,… answers me?
“Who among you is the devoted?”

I am speechless beyond 20 characters.


Dear @J.o

Thank you.

Thank you for your kind response with the details of my recent Bonus Ascension Chests I successfully claimed in the last Atlantis Event. I should’ve payed attention to the ‘sold out’ message of the chests before doing the last 10 hero pulls.

Thank you again for Small Giant Games generosity with the gifts you sent to my inbox as an apology for my wait as you investigated this further for me. I’m grateful to you.

You are a group of wonderful and professional people whom I’m happy to have had the opportunity and deal with.

You can mark my support request as complete/close.

Keep up with the good work, you are doing a great job.



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If i count right i am missing 4 5* heroes. Seeing you got more heroes than you pulled one of them must be Khiona. Who are the other 3?

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In this video?

Lianna, Ares, Magni, Richard. Khiona and Mok Are. Only Ares and Mok were new to my hero roster collection.

I guess I should upload my next video for the Fable of Grimforest event summon attempts which I got 13… yes 13 5* heroes … this time only 2 are new to my 5* hero roster collection.

Guess how many summons I made so to finally get Red Hood?


Give me a number, … come on!

Seeing the Hansels and Gretels at least 163 counting your heroes 310

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Hint 02:

Can I guess? :smile:

300, or 30 x10 pulls.

Thank you for your contributing to their profits… and allowing the f2p option :grinning:

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My pleasure.

But your answer for the number of pulls I made in this event so to get Red Hood, is also wrong.

Hint 03:
On the last 10 pulls, I got Red Hood, as the the only 5* I got from the three 5* heroes in this event.

I guess no one is good at math … these days.

Problem is we’re talking probabilities. There are 3 5 stars. Chance on getting red hood should be 0.33333333x 1% that could give 300 pulls could also give 1 pull… could easily be 800 pulls…

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We can use th Aegirs as a benchmark. In 100 pulls the expected number of HotM is 1.3, so to get 5 HotM the expected number of draws is 385. Of course the variance is huge.

We can also note that there are 503 heroes with a 196 hero max. That’s 307 above the cap. If TEN normally keeps 30 working spaces, that was 337 pulls.

So I’d guess somewhere between 340 and 360 pulls.

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Brilliant as usual, dear.

And what do you think I should do finding out that the rates for the 5* event hero summons weren’t applied on my pulls?

If at 1.3% I received 4 Aegirs (bonus draw)
If at 1.5% I received 12 Legendaries heroes
It was at 1% I received only 1 legendary event hero, when I should have received … three, at minimum!


A friend of mine suggested that I issue a ticket.
I did not… will not.

Heart: How can I distrust some people 1% … while at the same time adore and love them 100%?
Mind: Numbers don’t lie, … trust this , it is your profession.

Pause …

I don’t know what do.
Let me know.

But, getting this out from my chest, … what a relief!