Ascension Dilemas!

So I have received enough AM to max 1 of each kind of 4* except holy I only have 2 so I maxed them both my currently maxed heroes are BT Tiburtus Triton Kashrek Li Xiu and Wukong. I have a long list at 3 60 Hansel Caedmon Skittleskull BT (i have costume bonus on both) colen kelile Sonya kiril rigard & cyprian & waiting at lvl 1 is boril kiril grimm tiburtus proteus & scarlett I have got a 3 70 magni and Ive recently received heimdall a long way of their AMs!

Where should I go with my roster I dont think I have the potential to make an extra 400 cups to reach diamond. Current defence team is Triton Boldtusk Li xiu Kashrek Tiburtus. All with about 7 nodes on the talent grid except Triton as he and tibs are both ranger.

Possible improvements?

Heimdall BT Boril BT Tibs
Heimdal boril proteus li xiu colen
Colen skittles Kiril li xiu tibs

I feel comfortable with the heal buff combination of BT and can often win with him as only healer on attack so I am leaning towards kiril and BT again for AWs or would heimdall be worth making 3 70 even though I wont max him forever. I really like Hansel and feel he should be prioritised and I’m also excited about proteus I only just got him. But hansel wont make my defence team he is awesome for attacking though and I feel that proteus probably best used similarly.

so my options are:

1 Dark
Tibs proteus cyprian or rigard

1 Green
Heimdall caedmon Skittleskull or hansel

1 Blue
Kiril Boril Sonya or Grimm

And I can max 2 more Reds
Scarlett BT colen or kelile

Purple: Proteus
Green: Hansel/Caedmon , I prefer Caedmon if you did not have Sonya/Melendor or Sabina maxed.
Blue: Kiril
Red: BT for sure, then Scarlett, then Kelile

Rigard can live at 3.60 if his special is maxed. Proteus is more valuable if he is fully ascended. So, probably Proteus in purple.

Green. I’d probably max Hansel. His mana control is very helpful and in offense he is much more useful than Kashhrek

Blue. Either Kirill or Grimm. You can flip a coin. Both are very useful.

Red. Scarlett for sure.

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Prot, Hansel, Sonya, BT

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I see your point and Sonya is an assault weapon when emblemed correctly but Kiril is so damn useful with his healing coupled with an attack and defense buff for team members. Sonyas dispel is nice but I always seem to have her teamed up with Caedmon who is essentially the same (or Sonya 2). Kiril is a blue mini BT (he is really pretty good) and if you are not running red then Kiril is your guy.

@SuuriKoira. I have no idea why people are recommending Scarlet? She just cannot take a decent hit. Mine just sits there at 3:60 (unloved). If I had wasted precious hidden blades on her i would feel a bit unhappy.

EDIT: I just checked her stats and they are as awful as I remembered at 4:70: 767, 507, 1039. She is fast, I’ll grant that but you cannot fix that woeful defense with emblems at all, ever. She can just survive a single standard AI hit, but only barely.

As long as skittles and scarlet stay unleveled it’s hard to go wrong on the rest lol




kiril or grimm

scarlett or colen

Definitely Hansel Proteus Kiril

Not terribly keen on the red choices… you will eventually probably use 2x BT but not yet. probably Scarlett for Titan tile damage and for events

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Her attack stat is the highest among classical red 4*. Also, she is fast and reduces enemies attack. All other red 4* are weaker. Colen and Kelile are as squishy as Scarlett but Colen is slow and Kelile has much lower attack stat. Bottom line Scarlett is the best s1 4* offensive red.

When you put it like that, it makes a lot of sense. My perspective might be a little distorted as hidden blades are literally the rarest 3 star non farmable material for me; just 11 in 14 months. Orbs are a dime a dozen, but those blades are as rare as chickens teeth. I have a few reds at 3:60 and have decided that Falcon gets the next blade (4). He would be my best red.

I’m sitting on 22 hidden blades with no one to give them to.

3 trap tools left (and that’s cuz i just got a couple recently) with Kage at 2/59, Rigard, Sartana, etc waiting.

Actually I’m short on every single 3 star AM mat except compasses, gloves, and hidden blades.

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Always feasts and famines

Thanks for the suggestions so far.

I’ve committed on hansel.

I’m levelling scarlett to 3 60 at least just to give me the time to ponder.

I’m not sure about kiril I just lucked out and found 2 farsight telescopes only 2 more for to max magni just gunna level up Grimm to 3 60 for time being only have 1 useful pulveriser

And now another dilemma! In levelling proteus I’ve just come across a costume for my 3 60 rigard I only have 4 trap tools so i cannot max the costume yet

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