Best Def Team + Ascension Help!

I’ve recently power leveled some 4* heroes, and now I’m questioning what my best defense team set up would be, and who I could power level next to improve my overall game (Titans, Wars, Events)

My current defense team from L to R is:

Melendor (9 talents)
Rigard (7 talents)
Boldtusk (4 talents)
Li Xiu (1 talent)
Grimm (10 talents)

My concern is the lack of hard hitters…I prioritized healers in the beginning of the game to give me war flexibility/increased versatility, and now I think I’ll need to move towards leveling more snipers/AOE hitters…or should I?

My other 4 stars are:

Proteus (1 talent), Cheshire Cat (3/60), Tiburtus (3/60), Cyprian (1/1), Sabina (1/1), Ameonna (1/1)
I also have 2 other Proteus (Proteii?), and a backup Rigard…all at 1/1.

Wu Kong (1 talent), Gretel (3/60), G. Jackal (3/36 - currently plan to max to 4/70 and place emblems on him), Hu Tao (1/1), Chao (1/1), Danzaburo (1/1) and Leonidas (1/1). I have the mats to fully ascend Leonidas, but prioritized G. Jackal.

Kiril (4/1 - plan to max), Agwe (4/1 - accidentally ascended him when I wanted to ascend Triton…smh), Athena (3/42 - plan to max once I get my last scope), Triton (3/60), Richard (1/1)
I also have 2 other Grimms.

Hansel (4/29 - plan to max), Gadeirus (3/60), Caedmon (3/60), Horghall (1/1), Skittleskull (1/1)
I also have 2 other Melendors and 2 other Caedmons.

Wilbur (1 talent), Gravemaker (3/36 - plan to max once I get my last set of rings and 2 more Hidden Blades), Scarlett (3/60), Red Hood (1/1), Ares (1/1), Kelile (3/60), Sumitomo (1/1), G. Falcon (1/1).
I also have 3 more Wilburs.

So guys…what’s my best defense team makeup currently, and what should I push for? I have the mats to ascend a green, purple and yellow 4*, and am planning on maxing Athena and Gravemaker to ultimately make it to my defense team.

Thanks for the advice.

Your defense team is too heavy on healers. Boldtusk tank is good but he needs some oomph behind him, otherwise his attack boost isn’t scary.

I’d suggest getting Proteus in there for now at least, he doesn’t hit but the mana block is a lot better to have at this point.

Hansel over melendor would be better too, or if you still want the dispel to all then get Caedmon maxed. Melendor is a great healer but again, with Boldtusk tanking what you want is firepower to take advantage of the attack boost.


I know I’m heavy on healers…kind of a function of the order I received the heroes from my summons. I’m leaning towards maxing Caedmon to take Melendor’s place on my primary defense team.
Eventually, I’d like to get Gravemaker and Athena in the mix…

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Was about to suggest replacing Rigard with Proteus as Melendor and Boldtusk already grant plenty healing. Unless you want to get saucy and have a debuffer and a cleanser.

In all honesty out of your choices in your roster her is what I would personally go with:

Proteus, Rigard, Gretel, Hansel, and Grimm.

Proteus can at least stop 2 heroes from generating mana and the timing of Hansel and Gretel’s specials can really put a dent in whoever is facing you. And Rigard can cleanse and heal everyone. Grimm is your heavy hitter of the group. Reducing defenses and hitting everyone.


I totally agree with the team you proposed, it will be real fun to use

Too many healers. Only want 1-2 on defense.

Mana speed is important. You want 2+ fast heroes and you have none. I like fast or very fast on the outside because they usually don’t get hit by many tiles on the outsides so they take a long time to charge up if they aren’t fast or VF.

Grimm-BT-Rigard-Li Xiu-Hansel is what I’d use now in that order.

Jackal is the correct choice in yellow, very, very powerful. I’m levelling my 2nd right now and he’s first my duplicate ever that I’m levelling. You’re lacking fast hitters so shame about the Triton screwup. You’re lacking fast hitters so probably Caedmon next in green. Tiburtus is a fine choice in purple.

Long term your best defense is probably


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