Ascension 5* decisions

Hi everyone, at the end finally reached a point when i really need to think about my next 5* ascesion decision…

…i can max ascend this 5*: 2 holy, 1 red, 1 purple and 1 green (no 5* at the moment)

Here my roster:

Here what i think…

RED: should be Marjana cause i miss a sniper there but could be worth to wait for a noor buff ( i don’t think she is that bad)? I’m thinkin on wait for the next to red sniper to realease (in the nexy couple month right?) and if i’m not getting them and no noor buff in sight then i’ll do Marjana…

HOLY: there i have only Inari because i don’t think i need a second Vivica. I could do Inari but i don’t really like her…is she really worth it?

DARK: there i belive i have no better choice than a second Seshat…i don’t like Grimble, is it worth it?.. and Domitia and Sartana are a less powerful verision of Seshat to me…i think is better to wait new options or?..

GREEN: Have to wait for something there…i belive on an istant ascension only on Lianna if i get she from tc20

Considering you can max 2 yellows, I’d say Inari and wait

Sartana is a good sniper

Marjana is good, Elena is OK (and I probably use her more than Marjana, but I’m weird)

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Agreed. Nothing says you have to level a 5* hero just because you have the mats to ascend one. I assume you have a fair amount of mats for ascending 4* heroes and you seem to have plenty of them you could level up.

Danzaburo- I know he’s not too popular because of the random nature but all the abilities are pretty strong.
HuTao- Again not the most popular but has been buffed and not too bad.
Guardian Jackal- Good enough to warrant a second.

Merlin- I know you have two Proteus already but I think he is still useful and has his own niche. Making an event boss or titan waste all of its mana is much better than 3 turns of no mana regen.
Sartana- is a good dark sniper and has a nice costume you might pick up.
Grimble- Maybe as an anti minion hero. SG seems to be pushing that a bit.

Shadereave- should be a rock star in Buff Booster.
Colen- Great for rush attack.
Kelile- for a 4* red sniper.

Little John - I like his costume quite a bit.
Buddy- Green defense debuff is helpful.
Caedmon - Fast dispell, cleanse once you get the costume.
Gobbler- Another option for anti minions.

Boril - He’s useful enough to finish off.
Jott - His ability should be strong for blue stack for titans.

If it was me I’d go with the following:

Red - Marjana - She is the only true Red Sniper in the game until Gefjon is released and you can’t go wrong with ascending her. I have Noor too and like her, but Marj is still better.

Holy - Inari - I’d go ahead and ascend her since you still have mats for another. I don’t have her but a few old ally mates did and they find her fun on offense teams as you watch the AI miss sometimes. Then wait to see who you get next.

Purple - Tough call, if it was me, I’d go Grimble just for minion counter but admit my line up is deeper than yours so it may not be the right one for you. I guess my only really advice in this respect is don’t invest any more feeders to Obakan.



I’d do Seshat #2 and possibly wait on the other colours… Depends how much you pull, TBH.

Marj is “okay” but season 1 are mostly underwhelming without lots of emblems (or a costume) - Lianna gets away with it because she had a hard snipe to begin with, but Marj was never a hard hitting hero and she’s even less so against the shiny new heroes with much higher stats.
Elena doesn’t fare much better with her glassy stats - at slow, she just doesn’t reliably fire (again, unless lots of emblems or costume bonus).

Sartana and Domitia, similarly are “okay” but neither gives you more than a duplicate Seshat unless you pull their costumes (even if you try, you’re far from guaranteed to get it so I wouldn’t max them hoping you’ll land their costumes - wait, and max after you get the costume).

Isarnia hits hard, but like Elena she’s fragile… Thorne is beefy but his stats don’t give him a hard hit (much like Richard and Marj).

Inari doesn’t excite me, she’s been stuck at 1.1 for some time and will stay there… do you like her at 3.70 enough to want her maxed?


Basically… They’re better than 4* heroes and in that sense they’ll improve your roster… The question is how likely you are to get something better and how long it’ll take you to replace those mats.

Thanks everyone for the comments!

Waiting could be a good options too as someone suggested, i belive is one the best choice (i have a lot of useful 4* to work with), but as someone also said it depends also about how many pulls i do.

Let’s say that i’m a c2p. I pay for VIP and POV and maybe one of 5€ offer a month. Not too many choices of hitting other good 5* but maybe enought for some good pulls like Mitzuko, Telluria, 2 Seshat, Kunchen, 2 Noor, Grimble, G. Kong. The other are all season 1 5* coming from TC20 (exept Joon and Richard).

I belive maybe i can get better prospect form pulls, in a decent amount fo time.

I’m really tempted by Marjana cause i need that sinper in red (she is not really hitting that hard), maybe i’ll just wait to try a bit for Gefjon. Noor is not that bad as a lot say but really need a buff to be considered in my situation.

Inari for me need a buff for being really worth ascending, she have high tile damage but her special is not that good, useful sometimes when you are a little lucky, i belive she need the effect to last one more turn. I’m waiting cause on Holy I have Jackal+20 and Joon+15 for tile damage. Is an option only because i have materials for two.

At the end i belive the real probelm is how much I’ll have to wait for let’s say 2 good Holy 5*? probably a lot then Inari could be a go.
On red maybe i can get a better option faster and then wait a bit on Marjana. Same with Dark and Green.

The situation is at some point you have to move on 5* to have something intresting to do and try because only waiting on them could be frustrating.

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