Ascend Vanda or Mitsuko?

I finally got enough rings so should I ascend Vanda or Mitsuko? I have Anzoug and Zimkitha ascended but have no emblems on either. At 80 they are meh. I also have Jean-Francois emblemed but feel he dies pretty quick. Any hell appreciated.

I vote Mitsuko. She sends blue enemies to the corner to cry (except Colbalt who bypasses her).


Agree, Mitsuko.

And fortunately neither Cobalt nor Finley pierce all the time. Yesterday I ignored a Cobalt in the corner and he happily fired at 1x three times, reflecting each time.

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Mits for sure, just so satisfying to see Finley and Vela committing seppuku. Sometimes I even intentionally drag out the battle just to make them suicide against Mits’s reflect because I’m petty like that. :crazy_face:


I’ve never seen cobalt reflect, even at 1x charge.

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MitsuKo the mana drop and all around use for her is way better then Vanda

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In my honest opinion I would focus on Mitsuko first 100%. Put emblems on her and you really won’t be disappointed
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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I’m leveling Vanda but I’d go Mitsuko if I had her.

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