Wilbur vs Grimm and Tiburtus

I have Wilbur and I definately will max him. If I’m going to use him wherever is possible is there still a point of ascending Grimm and Tiburtus? Grimm is A rated hero and I’m short of blue heroes but I fear that I will spend my precious mats on heroes I will not use much. What are your opinions?

You should have defdowner from each color. So yes, it makes a lot of sense to ascend all of them.

You mean for raids, titans or war?

For all of it. But especially titans.

I ascended Grimm, Tiburtus, Gormek and Willbur and I don’t want to miss any of them.

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Grimm is pretty good an Tiburtus is ok.

Probably you would’t use them aymore on titans once you’ll bring Wilbur at 4.70 but you definitely will need them on events, raids and war.


I would use Grimm over Wilbur on red titans and Tib over him on yellow titans and either on blue titans.


I wouldn’t: it’s better to have alive heroes


maybe on 10* and higher titans that might be reasonable. Below it lowers your damage by a lot and the survivability is not really that big of a threat. Defdown on Strong color is mandatory for really good hits imo. so you can fight 4-1 setup or at least 3-2 and don’t have to mix too many colours

Oh, yeah… we forgot to know if he are fighting endgame titans.
However the only scenario where I would bring Grimm over Wilbur is when against the tiger :man_shrugging:



Well if he doesn’t have any Defdown hero maxed I doubt he is fighting any top* titans. Ascend all of them. You will want and need them :wink:

Maybe he drew all of them in recently summons, who know?

Yeah, I just got them recently and definately will work on them but was not sure if its worth ascending them. For now even 3/60 Grimm would be good for me until I get some 5*.
Thanks for your advice, I think I’ll ascend Grimm and get Tiburtus to at least 3/60 and the decide. After all, I will need them for wars.

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You should get around 10 maxed 4* before you bother with 5* to become a reasonable bench. Keep that in mind;) and GL

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Don’t wait for 5*. It’s just warm capes. Grimm is definitely on the must max out list for 4*. A definite must for blue.


Grimm and Tibertus are still on the Most Wanted list. Wilbur has completely benched Gormek for me.

Wilbur is world-class on all Titans. But in raiding and wars, Grimm and Tibby still have solid roles.


i’m just glad that wilbur was released prior to me start leveling Gormek. I have both tiburtus and grimm maxed and i use them all the time on raids. i had just finished leveling falcon and then wilbur comes along. Sorry Gormek, this pulverizer triplet is now on hold

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So Grimm it is. I have enough warm capes for him. Just wondering do I ascend Tiburtus as well or maybe Sabina (I have her on 3/60) or Amoenna (she has inique special). What do you think?

Edit: Sabina is my only healer except of BT

I have all defence debuffers except Athena and Valen. Definitely no longer use Grimm (Isarnia is much better), Gormek (Wilbur is much better). I use Tiburtus from time to time.

So, for Grimm, if you don’t have Isarnia, you can still use him against red titans when you stack the blues. Though if you’re planning on getting Isarnia, Grimm is a waste of resources.

For Gormek, he is beefier than Wilbur and has longer debuff duration, but Wilbur ensures survival of entire team, while Gormek just adds some direct damage. I prefer Wilbur here.

Tiburtus has its use against yellow titans, but that’s basically it.

So, if you don’t have better 5* debuffers like Isarnia and Athena, it is worth it to have those colored debuffers just to have flexibility in color stacking, especially if you have a elemental defence debuffer like Arthur, Panther or Falcon.

I’d advise to max out Wilbur first and then see if you need Grimm or Tiburtus to get higher scores in Raids or Titans.