Ariel, Vela Richard, Miki, Perseus: which to ascend?

Hi there, I’ve got Ariel, Vela Richard, Miki and Perseus to ascend but right now only have enough telescopes for one blue hero. Ariel is already very close to the last stage but don’t mind focusing on somebody else if it’s worth it. Which 5 star blue of the ones mentioned above would you ascend and why?

You should level Miki to 3.70 at least, since he’s so good for fighting titans. If your alliance is fighting 12* or higher titans, ascend Miki and level to max for that extra survivability.

Otherwise, ascend Ariel and level her to max.


The usual “depends” applies… but I will say that Miki is probably the most “special”. He is just such an incredible beast against Titans, and I find also can do wonders against strong bosses like (legendary challenge events… or Ursena in the final Atlantis stage, etc. etc.). But also something to consider, he can already be useful at 3.70 which isn’t true of all heroes. I would at a very minimum take Miki to 3.70, no matter what.

If you’re particularly in need of a healer, then consider Ariel, of course. I don’t have her, but I suspect she can also be useful at 3.70 already.

The remaining 3 are solid heroes also… don’t have Vela but I think I’d like her most of the 3 (not sure how good she’d be at 3.70). She might be quite nice together with Isarnia too. I do have Richard, and he makes for a decent tank if you need a blue one - for that he would definitely have to be at 4.80 obviously. Perseus is quite useful to suppress healing which in some situations is really great, but it is probably the most “situational” out of all of them so for that reason not top of the list for me (plus, you already have Magni which is also a blue fast sniper).

My best recommendation I think is to narrow down the selection, then take those to 3.70 to test drive and compare, then make a final choice.


yeah, that is it! would do it exactly that way.


lol…I read other posts and want to reply just like that


Just my opinion but healers are an asset in any situation… I’ve got Miki …use him primarily for titans also have Perseus -use him in wars mostly…have Vela but haven’t started in her leveling yet…I’d lean towards Ariel… again more versatile and can’t go wrong with healers in your inventory


Ariel she will change your life for the better.


Vela turns out to be a beast. BUT:

  1. First level up Miki. He might be useful for you at 3/70 as others have said, but if you are battling Level 10+ Titans, he may be to fragile at 3/70 and unable to survive a single shot. So, you may level him up to 3/70 and see how he works for you there. But if he turns out to be fragile, you probably won’t regret taking him up to 4/80. In my experience, he was useful at 3/70 if you used mana pots to immediately fire his special before he was killed. But, I’ve been happier with him at 4/80.

  2. After Miki, I’d go with Ariel, unless you’re otherwise swamped with healers. She’s the best healer in the game so far.

  3. You also wouldn’t go wrong with Vela, but you have great choices ahead of her.


+1 on @DaveCozy :slight_smile:


You need to level, at least to 3/70, the Arctic MIKI mouse first then proceed ascending and maxing Ariel.


Hi all, I do not want to open a new thread since my two heros are named here, too. I could need some opinions.
In a couple of days Vela will be at 3/70 like my Persues already is. Which one should I ascend? In fact I loved my Perseus in th past at wars to prevend enemies from healing. In the last weeks I faced several times Vela and I was irritated by her fast speed/attacks when I had the luck to attack with several stone combos.
So now I am no more 100% sure to ascend Perseus.

I already own fully leveld Seshat and Justizia and in some weeks Mitsuko. :japanese_ogre: … so another sniper or another … ähh … hero that attacks everybody.

Thank you for your ideas! :smiley:

I own both Vela and Ariel. I completely agree above get Miki to 3/70 that is fine. I would go with Ariel.

With Vela you will still get good damage and because she is quick get her special off even if she is more squishy.

Ariel for me is one of my best cards and I agree I think the best healer in the game. Dispelling all ailments is huge as well…

Hey guys, thanks a lot for the input. I ended up leveling Ariel and she’s been a game changer. Very strong tile damage, heals and gives faster mana to all. Next one will be Vela, because I can see how awesome she’s been when I face against her in raids and war. Most top teams have her in the defense team.

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Even if you already maxed one of her, you’d so a second before Perseus.

She’s consistently good at almost everything - useful AoE/DoT attack in raids, okay at titans with +crit to balance out DoT (DoT slows you down) and lowest priority but also good on defence.

Perseus is, frankly, a not great hero…
His snipe is low, his defensive buff would only be any good on defence (but only if you’re expecting enemies to stack green - and Perseus being a very low threat, any smart attackers would stack for the flanks instead).
That healing cripple only effects one enemy and it’s only really necessary because his snipe isn’t deadly enough to finish that hero off - in short, he’s a sniper who doesn’t snipe well enough to kill and has to try and compensate for himself, and just doesn’t do it enough.

Definitely the right calls - both on Ariel first and Vela second… But don’t pick Vela for defence primarily (although you’re deep enough now to get away with picking for defence), she’s a great all round hero.

DaveCozy is right. Miki is the premiere titan killer, good in every instance. Ariel is the best healer in the game once you get level 23 mana troops. You can’t really go wrong with either.

Thank you for your answer BubblesUK! I think I will follows your advise!

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