Ariel or Vela

Ariel or Vela? I got both and I could ascend Ariel right now, but that means Vela would have to wait for a very long time before ascending. I know they play different roles, but I have a Gormek who is a sponge for damage right now. He can take hits. I also am working on a pure attack G. Jackal I have Neith next to him which is kinda ovekill. He fires off his special three+ times on a good board. Two healers a dark and Ariel (blue) So who gets the Emblems? Ariel or Vela?

I would max Ariel, just because she’s a solid healer and can help in wars teams.

Ariel is the best healer in the game, easy choice

Ariel for sure. I really wish I had her…lol

I would definitely do Ariel with those options

Ariel is Cleric and Vela is Druid, both does no conflict with emblems.
But for ascend priority, IMO Ariel 1st.

Ariel for sure…I have her and she is solid!

I guess I should ask “who gets the scopes?” :sweat_smile:

Thread going as predicted :grin:

Envying you terribly. I have 3 scopes, 3 Velas and 0 Ariels [sob].

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