Emblems on Grazul or Ariel?

I am quite a bit into this game now and have finally maxed my first 5s. But I am unsure whom to give my Cleric Emblems. I have Grazul at 4.80 and Ariel at 4.40. At the moment I am not using Grazul at all, because I am raiding around 1800-1900 cups. I also have C_Sonya+11, Kiril+11, Grimm+14, Rigard 4.70, Kingston 4.80, which I am using frequently, and a couple of 4s between 3.60 and 4.70. I have BT, Melendor and Sabina, but only got them recently, so unlevelled. And I also have Vivica at 3.20 and MN at 1.1.
So there are a lot healers and they’re all clerics… :frowning:
What are your thoughts about this? Should I concentrate on one hero? Or split it up? It’s only about 500 emblems.

Ariel is scarrier, give all to her

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As I am not a whale, who can afford a team around 4600, I started giving my emblems to 4* heroes and I must say, it is a lot more fun to do challenges and tournaments after that.

My attack team 4203 LP has only Guinevere as healer and my heroes have not more than +7. I raid around 2400 and sometimes drop out of the diamond league, just to open a platinum loot.

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+100 Ariel votes!!!


Ariel is the best healer in the game. You could justify giving emblems to Kunchen if he’s your tank, but otherwise Ariel.


Thanks to all! …

In my honest opinion, I would focus on Ariel first 100%.
I maxed Grazul and put emblems on her and have been a little disappointed in performance.
Good luck

Grazul is not on my high risk opponents list. Ariel is. And she’s somewhere near the top of the list. Any hero who fastens mana generation is definitely a threat.

My emblem strategy:

If it’s for defense, go whole hog.

If it’s for offense, split the emblems.

As a result, I have Grazul and Ariel at 10 nodes. I use them all the time on offense, and my defense team doesn’t have a cleric (ever since I rotated Kunchen out, and Ursena in).

So in my opinion - pick whomever is on your defense team. If neither, split the emblems.


Emblems are sort of wasted on Grazul. Manashield is frequently redundant with her protection. She survives fine as is. So many other clerics out there who really need those emblems.


I split mine between my Ariel and my Grazul but that’s because I use both regularly and they both function as tanks for war teams

One thing I do like about Grazul and I do have both, but I more recently got Ariel so I don’t have as much experience with her, is that Grazul’s mana is very fast. In addition to the fast mana her resist feature has saved my heroes many times from any additional damage and kept me in the match. I think Grazul is underrated. That being said Ariel seems to be pretty awesome, I just don’t have as much experience with her.

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Ariel…Ariel…and Ariel.
The best healer in the game.

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Ariel. Cleric emblems are kind of weird though, they force you to focus on attack. Ariel will only be OK for now, when you get a level 23 mana troop she quickly becomes amazing.

Your first priority might be to emblem up Rigard and then Ariel. imo.

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This was great to read! I’m struggling with emblem decisions in general. (My paladins are too split)

I have Grazul almost ready to graduate, missing one Damascus blade, Ariel is 3 scopes(and a blade!) short, I have almost 600 cleric emblems…

Guess I’ll wait.

Ariel is the best healer in the game.

Grazul is situationally useful…
She was key against GTV before the nerfs, but that combo is much more beatable without her now.
She’s worth having for sure, but she’s not going to be the lynchpin you build your teams around like Ariel is.

I’d go in heavy on Ariel if it were my choice.


I stripped my +14 grazul last week to +17 costume rigs and +18 hansel, and now I am back to juicing grazul again.

As long as tel+vel is still widely used, Grazul will arguably be the most valuable utility hero on offense. But the emblems go a lot further on turning 4* heroes into studs.


But Telly/Vela is less punishing now so you can get away with gambling on cleanse timing a bit more without a raid becoming irretrievable.

Rolling Red+? in 3-2 or 3-1-1 since the update has given me a 95% success rate against TV (the red three usually being Wilbur, BK, Kong)…
Before the update, this would’ve been 50/50 - only solidly good boards were winnable.

Grazul is definitely useful, but I’m not sure I’d give her any emblems if Ariel was in play.


If I go 3 x red against Telly no one really attacks. My reds are all pretty passive!
Blacky +18, Grazul 3/70, BT Iron Chef +20, Anzogh 3/70, Red Hood 3/70 and more. So after the initial tile attack there’s not much action.

I’ve had more success recently with 3 x purple or yellow, I’m stronger in those departments.

So maybe that’s a point against Grazul on my roster

In my honest opinion, since the rebalancing, I would recommend going with Ariel first and then Grazul.
Give Ariel a few emblems and you really won’t be disappointed.
Whichever hero you choose good luck


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