Are my blue troops in the correct position?

So i have my 4* level 18 mana troops under Alasie ( who is fast mana charge ) and my 4* level 8 critical troops under Richard ( who is average mana charge ).
Is that the best option?
Or should i reverse them?

looking at your cards, im jealous because i only have rainbow 4* lineup yet to be max and just mitsuko(1/10) sartana(1/1) and thorne(2/60) for 5*

At the current level of your blue troops it doesnt really matter.

When your 4* mana troop becomes lvl23 however, you should put it on Richard.

4* mana troops at lvl23 give a breakpoint for Very Slow heros and Average heros.
Very Slow + lvl23 --> Charges in 12 tiles instead of 14 (rounded from 13.5)
Average + lvl23 --> Charges in 9 tiles instead of 10.


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