Anzogh or G. Falcon

Hi all… Which one to invest first? On Fire I already have the following levelled:

Wilbur - 04/70
G. Kong - 03/70
Boldtusk - 04/70
Scarlett - 02/14


Do you have already the mats? 6 mystics rings and 8 hidden blade for Anzogh?
G. Falcon is element debuff, good for titan, and also raiding stack with red.
My suggestion is Falcon 1st.

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I’ve been saving since I decided not to level up G . Kong to Tier 4… So I have 9 Mystic Rings (and everything else)…

Hidden Blade are actually 4, no? At least that’s what’s showing for G. Kong…

If you have only 4 hidden blade, better use it for Falcon 1st while you are waiting another 8 hidden blade for Anzogh. I don’t know about G.Kong as I don’t have it and no info how good is he, maybe other people can explain better.

Blades are no problem… Have 20… Mystic Rings are the hard ones…

You said you have 4 blade? Anzogh need 8 blade, thats what I mean.
Well, if you have 20 blade, you decide what you enjoy with your playstyle.
But, Falcon is element debuf red. I suggest Falcon 1st, then later Anzogh or G.Kong.

Tks… will work on falcon…

Also worth noting that Anzogh will be much more deadly when paired with Falcon. Both have Average mana so they will fire together, in fact Wilbur too. So if you use Falcon or Wilbur first, then Anzogh, he will deal a lot more damage and in turn heal your team a lot more. :slight_smile:


Based on your roster… Falcon 100%.

Also-- get Scarlett to 3/60 first, otherwise you’ll never get around to her.

My suggestion for your “RED” order of operations:

  1. Scarlett 3/60
  2. Falcon 4/70
  3. Anzogh 2/60
  4. Scarlett 4/70
  5. Anzogh 3/70
  6. G.Kong 4/80

EDIT: Your mono raid team would be devastating as follows:
Wilbur – Bold Tusk – Falcon – GKong – Scarlett
(until Anzogh is 4/80, then swap Scarlett with Anzogh)


Great… Tks for the input… .Will do it!!!

Quick question… My Falcon is already sitting @ 02/31 (6/8) while Scarlett still @ 02/14 (3/8) … Should I do 03/70 Falcon first then Scarlett, no?

Falcon mate…he’s an elemental beast :smiley:

Yes. Definitely. Just focused on materials.

Agreed, do Falcon first.

You should think of Falcon as a hero that will make ALL your red heroes better. This is invaluable during wars, raids, and particularly against titans.

Scarlett is one of the best red 4* heroes for event quests and red stacks during raids, since she has very high attack and her skill charges quickly. However, she will be much more destructive with G. Falcon. Ditto Anzogh, ditto every other red hero you have or pull in the future.

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