One best mono fire

I have enough mats to complete the job. From left to right please help me with the strongest one mono team I can make with these hero’s.

i suggest for

Wilbur - Falcon - Anzogh - Zimkhita - Mitsuko

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That set up makes sense, I’m just having a hard time keeping falcon alive against these 4400 teams I’m seeing these days.

Anzogh is not leveled, so I would take Marjana for him.

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I’d swap Mitsuko for Marjana, unless fighting strong-blue team, which he shouldn’t be doing with a red stack anyways. That’ll add some sniping potential to otherwise quite utility-oriented team.

Play around troops if you feel Falcon dies too fast. He’s unfortunately one of his kind and must-have in red stacks.

Anzogh is needed for heal. Boldtusk is an alternative for him - frankly I hate Anzogh so haven’t levelled him, you may want to see how it works both ways (Bold’s attack buff is also stronger than Zim’s which is a benefit).

I think Anzogh has his usefulness especially in this case as you would have a hitter as well as a healer of sorts. You already have strong attackers and Wilbur to help with the enemy and your defense so I would say Anzogh.
And I use Mitsuko almost all the time. While she really shines on blue enemies I also use her to control mana and she is very strong on defense. I use mine as a tank and she keeps me in diamond. I am giving her emblems and trying to buff her attack stats a bit as she could be really nasty with her other skills if she hit harder.

Ok, so you are saying fully level anzo of the heroes available and use mits as tank and fire left to right.
I’ve been reluctant to use my rings on anzo for all the hate he gets on the forums, but he may be my best option with what I have available.


I think Anzogh is fine. As far as using Mits as a tank, on offense you don’t have a tank since you control the firing. The only thing you might adjust is hero’s like Magni who give defense to nearest allies and things like that. You wouldn’t put him on far corners as he would only cover 1. Also, you could sub BT for Wilbur depending on how difficult the enemy is since BT heals plus gives an attack boost.
I haven’t read any Anzogh threads as I don’t have him but I have fought him and he isn’t horrible. You have some really great reds already so I don’t think it is horrible to level him to 4.80

On offense I’d definitely take in Falcon, since he raises damage of entire team. Same for Wilbur, plus he makes you last longer. You also need healing, and BT ramps your damage further besides heal. So Mitsuko-Zimkitha-BT-Wilbur-Falcon. That should be fun.

On defense it depends, but usually there mono-teams suck unless it’s RT without Ice.

Mitsuko works best IMO to counter offensive blue flanks and wings. Heroes like Alice, Alasie, Magni, Misandra, etc.

Against blue tanks like Richard, Frida, or to a lesser extent Thorne, she’s a bit iffy in my experience. If those are tanking chances are they will fire before you can charge Mitsuko, and if you’re using 3-2 green-red then with a good board they’ll probably be KOd before you can use her reflect too.

Suggestion: put emblems on Falcon. I have, and it makes a big difference.

I will try the emblems on falcon, I still don’t know if azlar or anzo get the rings, heck I even think a second zim would be useful. Then in the back of your mind you know there’s another red hero right around the corner.

Fully leveled I wouldn’t want this hitting me.

I I do NOT have any experience with Mitzy so I will leave her out. Zim, Marj, Wilb, Falcon and Tusker

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