Kong v anzogh

Just pulled g. Kong. Also hv anzogh unlevelled. No other 5* reds.

Looking at their cards, seems like anzogh is much better special skill wise.
Avg speed both
220% dmg vs 215% dmg to all
90% ice resist vs 50% ice resist
Anzogh heals the team which kong does not hv

Only thing in kongs favour is his higher attk stat, but def is lower than anz

I shld level anzogh over Kong or is there something else I hvnt considered?

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Most everyone does not have much good to say about either. I myself give the edge to Anzogh based ONLY on the HoTM status. But I feel you should at least take them BOTH to 3/70 and play with them then decide. EVERYONE plays this game differently. Farming with them both will help your decision.

I have Anzogh maxed +6 and just got Kong. I think you’ve sized it up well. Both good to have but I think Anzogh helps the whole team more than Kong.


Kong’s defense is a bit low. The enemy could kill him faster than Anzogh.

I’d say level up Anzogh first, he’ll be able to fire his special at least once. In offense he’s not that great but in defense he does decent damage to the opponent. Imo Anzogh has the edge over Kong.


Anzogh is more useful than many give him credit for.

He does rely on supporting others to shine. Paired with falcon and Wilbur or Gormek, zimkitha or BT… get that enemy defence down, your attack up and then fire Anzogh off… 250-400 points of healing for your team and - 240-400 for each enemy is a nice swing/potential board clearer.


Thanks for the replies guy

Sounds like anzogh is prob slightly better because of, his heal on both offense and defense

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