Ascensions mats

Materials needed to ascend 5 star

Damascus blades, tomes of tactics, (1 of each) then depending on hero color: trap tools (4) and royal tabards (6) for purple, orbs of magic (4) and poison darts (6) for yellow, warm capes (4) and farsight telescopes (6) for blue, sturdy shields (4) and mysterious tonics (6) for green, hidden blades (4) and mystic rings (6) for red.

That is of course assuming that you have already reached third ascension and gotten the hero up to 3/70.

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@TGW, I think he knows those things; he can see what he needs on his own hero. I think he complains about rarity of AM in the game. Anyway, there are already some topics with this subject.

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I figured that, but it’s hard to know what he’s saying or asking based on the limited information given in the post. :man_shrugging:


This is easy. Look at this one:

Never received players


Thanks 7DD didn’t have tomes or Damascus Blade listed

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Yeah I saw that post, on that one I really had no clue at all what they were asking for. Troops? Tokens? Gems? Heroes? New alliance members? :man_shrugging:


Yes that is correct thank u

I just got my first 5* hero with the event and got King Arthur, what’s the mats needed to get to tier 3? I can see I’ll need a few more things for tier 4 but I can’t seem to find tier 3 mats needed for a 5* hero, anyone able to help?

Have a look at the King arthur thread:


Thx I guess I need a few more capes now lol I got a lucky pull again in costume w saved Keys
! Got Arthur to 2-60 already but seems she may be worth saving the cape’s for…any suggestions Arthur or Isarnia to tier 3


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I persnally did Arthur over Isarnia BUT I don’t have the costume (also costumes didn’t exist then either lol)

I probably would still lean towards arthur over Issy because of the elemental defence & sniping abiltiy & superior speed…

But both have their merits in that Issy is just a little slower but deals big damage & defence debuff to all enemies, not just one.

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Yeah Arthur seems a good tank!

My advice would be to take both to 3-70 and work out which one you will get the most value out of being maxed.

That’ll take time lol ascension mats aren’t dropping like they used to before last couple updates

Hmm another unfounded conspiracy theory :stuck_out_tongue:

My mats are dropping just fine! I track them and the drop rate is sticking to the same trend.

Could just be the game and is randomness…lol my fellow ACC member got 2 Jean Francois this month! But odds of getting Arthur we’re even lower then hero of the month

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Definitly the RNG aspect haha

Another factor might be if you changed alliance recently… Switching to an alliance which hits smaller titans will affect the drop rate :slight_smile: also stuff like mercing will severely hamper your ability to collect mats as you keep getting reduced loot tiers.

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Nope haven’t changed ACC since I joined the one I’m in…we did loose a bunch of Vietnamese players who were Heavy hitters due to no in game translation…so chests are not getting done as fast nor war chests…but it comes and goes… currently hitting 4-5* titans

Ahh so there has been a drop in the Titan Level then? That would likely explain the decrease in Mats

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