Question for you guys that have level 30 troops

I got a mana set to 23 a while back and decided to stop there to get another set at 11 and a few crit troops to at least 10.

I reached my goal and I have been pushing the level 23 mana troops to 30. However, after getting past 25, 1* troops do nothing but empty my ham bar. At this point I am wondering if it would be better to feed them to 2 and 3-star troops for tournaments.

Did you guys just feed everything you had to get to 30 or did you hold off till you had 10 of higher level troop feeders? I don’t buy troop pulls.

I held off until I got 3* or 4* troops to feed them. I have locked a full set of 5 4* in each color, and feed all the other 3* and 4* I receive to one of those locked haha. I did use some of those 1* to feed some 2* and 3* for tourneys.


I used 1/2* till lvl 23 and then used only 3/4* troops after. Never spend a buck on troop pulls either and I’d advice not to worry about it too much. Lvl 30 troops is an endgame feature imo. Getting them to 23 is honestly the biggest improvement you can make.


I feeded one at a time until he troop were near to gain a level, then I waited for 10 juicy troops to appear and level the troop with the previous meat’s cost… while holding every troop I know I would use in my event’s stacks and tournament attacks/defenses.

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