Any prep tips for the up coming SAND EMPIRE?

Tc 19 is great to power lvl a 5* in tier 4 up to lvl 4/30 ish, but be warned the food costs get extremely expensive, so tc2 will be your friend, use those kitbags try and run it 24/7, I personally like ro run 1 xtc20 2 xtc11 and then the 4th tc as a flex tc, tc2 as much as possible a quick blast of tc19 when I have 50-100 rugged to use and tc1 or 3 overnight

Yep, this is what I’m doing as well. Two TC11s and a TC20 constantly. As long as I was leveling 4-stars, the two TC11s were enough to make decent leveling progress (and ensure I don’t outstrip my rare mats), so I liked having my flex as another TC20. As F2P, that’s gonna be where I get my legendaries, mostly. But I’m gonna have to adjust now that I have a few 5-stars in the mix. Domitia is waiting behind my Rigard, and Thorne behind Boril. Not decided on fully maxing Thorne, but short of drawing Sartana, Domitia is going all the way.

When I first got TC19s I went a lil overboard. Totally constipated my empire’s gears. Then I got TC20s and just waited for zippo. Now I run an occassional 20, but mostly TC2 is still the overall boss of getting heroes beefed up!

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Some nice advice in this thread, as well.

I recommend the stronger spirit link heroes, Wilbur or Aegir, if you have them. Spreading the damage around can help save those who can’t be healed.

I also recommend minion healers, like Delilah and Ma North (and perhaps even other minion casters like Buddy). Putting a minion in front to help soak damage is almost as good as healing.

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Pirates will have it’s own thread, but since it’s mentioned here, I thought it was time to show @Mariamne some more love for all the fabulous work she does for our benefit!

🌟 Memento 5 Events


Does @Mariamne have a graphic for the mobs/bosses for Sand Empire event? I’ve searched but maybe I just missed it?

here it is:


I honestly hope they throw in some emblems here and there.
Sadly, they didn’t during Easter :frowning:

Thanks, I guess I did miss it!

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Looks like I got all the tabards for Khiona just in time :slight_smile:

This was the first seasonal event I ever did, but I only managed to clear the normal difficulty. Advanced was way out of my league at that point, my best purple heroes were Renfeld and Tyrum lol.

It’s crazy how a year has passed by since then and how my roster has grown. :smiley:

I think I’ll let Khiona sit at 4/55 for now, and focus my efforts on finishing Sabina and then starting Tiburtus or Aemonna (ghost mode looks pretty great to avoid the specials here and since the color works well).

Although I’m wondering if the minions will become more multicolored. They changed a bit of them for Springvale so I wouldn’t be surprised if they make changes for Sand Empire this year.


Oh, I hadn’t thought of this. Ghost to dodge them or ghost to clear the negative effects if she gets hit. I already have her at 3/60. Might have to do a test run or two when the time comes.

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I hear ya on marking the monster progress I’ve made in a year’s time with my roster.
This was my very first seasonal event and man has my teams groooooooooooown!

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where do you grab all those kitbags for running TC2 24/7???

I use Season 2, Province 1, Stage 8, Hard Mode to keep TC2 running nonstop.

Stage 7 also works equally well for backpacks, recruits, and XP, so you can choose between them based on Missions or preference for which you find easier to farm.

Farming during Atlantis Rises is a good way to stock up too, using Normal Mode Stages.

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Thanks @zephyr1

I ll try and mix it with some 1/5/8 for filling my chests

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Season 2 9 hard is where I farm bags from in general! During atlantis rising I was averaging 0.85 per 1 WE used.

I currently trying to plough thru season 2 hard mode, so only managing to keep my tc2 running 12hrs a day, for the other 12 hrs it’s tc1 or 11

Season 2, Province 9 all hard stages? or Province 1, stage 9 hard?

Results have changed for me after Atlantis Rising finished (from before it started).


Sorry, yes season 2 province 1 stage 9 hard. I haven’t hit it much since rising ended, trying to plough thru hard mode to complete next rising. But during it I was getting 0.85 bags per flag on normal, 8 loot tickets filled a chest, roughly 21 bags+, I managed to keep 2 tc2 running for 3 days solid and 1 of them for the next 2 days after

Atlantis Rising is the place to stock up in S2 Province 1 for those that can’t do hard mode yet