Another Holy ascention question

Dear all,

Here is another consultation on which would be my next Holy hero to max. I am leaning towards Devana because the dispel (I quite need dispellers atm) and her passive immunity to minions, which can come handy in enough situations. I just got Onatel from the Fated Summons, so she is also a strong contender. There are also some other good heroes, but considering that I already have many support heroes (Gazelle, Lidenbrock, Zuri, Sif), I prefer some that also do some direct damage (although I know that neither Devana nor Onatel are great damage wise)

Here is my roster and beneath a poll. And of course, if you can also share your advice in addition to voting in the poll, I’d greatly appreciate it.

  • Devana
  • Onatel
  • Motega
  • Vivica (with Costume 1 and Costume 2)
  • Kara
  • Uraeus
  • Mica
  • Akkarog
  • Celidana
  • Thor
  • Odin
  • Joon Costume
  • Justice (no costume)

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I see that a lot of people voted for Motega, but maybe someone can explain how he can complement better my current roster :slight_smile: My impression is that he was voted because in “absolute” terms he is better than the others, but not necessarily as a better complement to my other heroes.


Devana-is a Swiss army knife.

Motega- is fastest minion slinger in town, and that is only one of his aspects.

Onatel- she was the oracle of mana control, but lately she can be overrun by the amount of mana gains from multiple resources, thus losing her edge.

Kara-arguably best taunter 'if/after’she can go off after being able to survive a dark mono 3x match

Vivica C2-she deserves love and respect for holding so much power within all of her versions. I think she can be considered on another league with newest upgrades


Devana isn’t my first choice, but with all the stipulations you gave, she’s the right choice. Second would be C Joon but the extras devana provides makes her a better choice.


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While cVivica and especially c2Vivica are quite good, I’m a little surprised they are drawing such votes when you already have Lindenbrock and Zuri.

Devana is almost always useful, not least if you particularly need dispel, but also her minion-snacking kitties, and her moderate damage as a ranger class…. (plus her element link: free mana is not to sleep on)

Bonus: if you’re facing “lol immune to status ailment” foes, either because of ailment-blocking like Vanda, or because or environmental effects like Aether quests or some S5 foes et al, Devana just doesn’t care because causing ailments ain’t her game.

I mean, Motega is nasty because of the special effects from both his minions and his fiends, and I loathe facing him, but if you really have a gutful of support right now, Devana is at least a little more active in her support role.

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Thanks! I often feel that polls don’t show the hero that brings the best added value for a particular roster, but more the hero that looks strongest in general

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