Ascension advice Holy Heroes

I have limited tomes and need to ascend a holy hero. No one could replace Prof Lidenbrock on my defense so between Devana, Delilah, Kara and Inari (non costume) who is the most useful?

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It comes down to who you need more. Kara for taunts, however, given that September’s hotm has anti taunt and just about everyone will have that hero in their roster, it diminishes Kara’s value. IMO, Devana.

between devana and kara.

do u have taunter? if no, choose kara. otherwise devana. both are useful


Devana - hit 3, dispell 3, beefy minions, minions destroyer, and with good stats. She is versatile.

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Thx. I was leaning that way since I have Krampus already.

In my honest opinion, if you don’t have a Taunt hero then Kara first.
If you already have Taunt then Devana….
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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Hi all…I also want to know which holy to level next…

Leonidas, Kara, Vivica, Papyros and Norns

I have Mother north as a healer and evelyn in my team

My current team is as mentioned above + gulinbursti, mist and Elizabeth. I am currently working on Athena to add.

As stated above for me, if you don’t have a taunt hero then Kara first. I have Norns at 3/70 and she’s been there since right after her release. She was flawed from the start. Fun to use at times but her special should have hit all and affected all IMO.