Defence and level advice

I am looking for some advice for my defence team. Is my defence team good or does it need a change. I also have some 4* who need levelling and I don’t know who. I do miss the materials to level them all up though.

Seems like you could try a team like
Wu Kong - Gormek - Kashrekk - Grimm - Tiburtus

To level: 5*

To level: 4*
Hu Tao

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Thanks. I will give that team a try. I am unable to level Sartana due to mats. Grazul I can ascend but also will be stuck at the same level as Sartana… Right now I can only level up one hero and I think it is wise to asend a 4* instead of a 5*?

Normally I would say that maxed 4* are better but Grazul is an exception. Level her as high as you can.

Allrighty, I will level her up as high as I can.